File Folder Games with a slight difference

05 Jan

The past two evenings I have been assembling new file folder games.  I wait until I have enough cut out and ready to go, then I gather my supplies and do a marathon assembling session.   This morning I added fourteen new games to our file folder box.

I like to use pre-prepared file folder game books that you can buy.  I colour them (usually on the computer, although I’ve noticed that you can now buy pre-coloured games) and put the ready-to-cut pages in my cutting out folder box.  I keep several pairs of scissors in this folder box (you never know when someone will offer to help) and take it with me wherever I may have time sitting with idle hands.  I’ll often sit and watch tv in the evenings and cut out games while I watch.

I don’t assemble our file folder games in the standard fashion though.  I like to laminate them so they’ll stand the test of time and rough handling of small children and boys.  But when you laminate them they won’t close properly so I had to tweak their construction to make it work for me.

Firstly I have to cut down the size of my manilla folders so they’ll fit into an A3 laminating pouch.  I like to use coloured folders to spice up the presentation of the games.

Then I open up the folder and go to work with my glue stick gluing the pieces to the game board, adding the title and a simple instruction box (if the game requires it).  I usually make up all the game boards before I do anything else.

Once the gameboards are prepared I pull out my trusty laminator, pop on a good video and start laminating the gameboards and their pieces.  When laminating the game pieces I always space out the pieces in the laminating pouch to make sure the plastic can seal around the edge of the pieces.


Then we are back to the cutting out process again, although this stage is much faster than the initial stage as you don’t need to cut carefully along the lines.  You are just whipping around the edges making sure to leave a nice plastic margin.

Once everything is laminated and cut out, I put the game pieces for each game into their own mini ziplock bags.  I then staple these bags to the back of their board game.

Now the games are finished and ready to play.

To store the games I stand them in a box with the game piece bags at the top.  This makes it easy for the boys and myself to flip through the games to select the ones we want.

Guess what I found when I was shuffling through drawers and boxes to find file folder parts to photograph…7 more file folder games waiting to be assembled and laminated.  You know what I’ll be doing AGAIN tonight!

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