New Additions to Our Library

06 Jan

My favourite sound is the sound of our parcel delivery truck followed by my door bell.  Ahhh…sweet music to my ears…more books have arrived.

I heard those blissful sounds today as my new shipment of books from arrived.

Hubby was excited too…not about the books…but about the nifty bag the box came in.  He uses them to cart the grass clippings to the dump and apparently they are just the right size.   I suggested that I would be more than happy to purchase more books in order to get him more bags.   He acknowledged my “generous” offer but declined it.

We had guests at the time my box of goodies arrived so it had to sit and wait before I could tear it open.  Talk about restraint!

Although it wasn’t too hard to endure as we were talking about the dimensions and location of a new wall-sized bookshelf.  Yes, that would be number 3.  I already have one in my lounge area

and one in the study.

This new shelf will be built in the extra wide front hallway.

My father-in-law is a retired carpenter and builds them for me.  He commented that it’ll take me some time to buy enough books to fill it.  My hubby pointed out to me that that was said as a “comment” and not a “challenge”.  You’d think he was worried about me buying more books.  I believe it wasn’t long after that that the regular postie went past delivering yet another book (and there’s at least two more to come this week).

It was only last week that a relative, who obviously hasn’t been to our home, asked which library we were at when looking at a photo of the boys in front of our bookshelves.  I suspect this number of books is not the norm, although it should be.  Books are like air, you need them.  (Although moving house is not recommended for book hoarders.  Just trust me on that!)

Anyway, back to my box of goodies.  Finally I got to open it.  I think the excitement of opening the box and “meeting” the new books for the first time is my favourite part, although I love the researching, hunting down, reading and using parts too (I could do without the the paying bit though).

I was a little worried about the contents as the box came in rather a dinged up fashion.

I know it’s quite a trip from the US to Australia but this isn’t the first time our book boxes have arrived in such a state.  Thankfully my purchases were unharmed.

Here’s what was in my box:

I got Hands-on Earth Science as we’re studying space, weather and earth science this year and I was looking for some fun activities to include.   I want to include a lot more hands-on experiences this year.

I got “The Duggars: 20 and Counting” because I think they are an amazing family and I can’t wait to read more about them.

I got “Homeschooling For Eternity” as it was a homeschooling title I’d had on my wishlist for ages and after reading a sample from the book I decided that I’d really like to read more.

I got two Diana Waring products as the boys and I really enjoy her audios.  I got  “True Tales Volume 2:  Romans, Reformers and Revolutionists” and the activity book as we’re studying the middle ages this year.  We’re actually using Story of the World but I wanted to try out Diana’s Waring’s books and this one looked like a nice addition to our studies.   I hope to hear Diana Waring speak this year as there are plans for her to visit Australia.

I also got two Primary Mathematics (Singapore) Challenging Word Problem books.  I’ve been getting Ethan to complete several word problems every day as maths is primarily about solving mathematical problems.  If you can’t do that, you can’t do math and what you are learning is useless to you.   We haven’t used these books before so we’ll see how they pan out.   We already love Singapore Maths so I’m sure we’ll find them good.

Oh of course there were also the complimentary catalogues in the box.  Like I need any encouragement in my book buying!

The title that was delivered by itself was “Homeschooling Odyssey” from (I love their free postage to anywhere in the world service).  I love reading how other people homeschool, even if they don’t homeschool in the same chosen homeschool style as myself.  It’s nice to be invited into another’s life to be a fly on the wall.

So as you can see, filling a new bookshelf, once it’s built, will be no problem at all for me.

Now to decide which book to read first!  Hmmm…

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