A Trip to the Art Gallery

16 Jan

After the Museum Science show we headed over to the Art Gallery.   There are so many great activities for the children to do.  We’re not very “arty” people so going to the Art Gallery will raise some eyebrows amongst our family and friends.  I can hear them now, “You went WHERE?!”  But it was truly a great afternoon and I’ll definitely be taking the boys back again.

First we stopped in at the old gallery to create some snap cards.

At the Modern Art Gallery (aka the new gallery) we spent time in the black light construction room which was really really cool.  I’d love a set of these…oh yeah and I’d need the black light too.

Then we toddled off to the next room to colour and create a card caravan (we also had a choice of a castle or house but my boys gravitate towards anything with wheels – I did however collect two castles to bring home with us as we’re studying the middle ages this year).

Then Ethan heard that there were touch screen activities downstairs.  Well my little computer man was like a hound dog hunting down these computers.   I wasn’t terribly impressed with the content of the exhibit but the activity was one of Ethan’s favourites.  At the end of the touch screen quiz a card popped out of the device.  That just topped off the experience for Ethan.  It even has a magnetic swiping strip on it.  Very exciting apparently.


There was another touch screen exhibit too.  Here you had to create a message using words from three columns.  Once you’d completed your message you could send it to a friend’s mobile and the message was also displayed on large screens in the exhibit.


We were very limited with what we could say but we eventually settled on one message which we sent to ourselves…


and one to Grandma.  (The strange phone message perplexed her all day and curiosity got to her by the evening and she had to call and find out what it meant.)


We even got to create our own totally environmentally friendly pot plant.  The tub was made from paper, the mulch was paper shreds and the plant will be completely edible if we manage to grow it.

Here’s Brayden making his paper shreds nice and moist…

ready for his wheat germ seeds.

Then we headed into a vehicle sound hall.  Each coloured square that you stood on activated different car sounds.  The boys thought this was wonderful.  There were also boxes to climb up into.  They were lit with different coloured lights, made varying sounds AND vibrated as though you really were in a car.   Lots of fun although quite noisy and crazy.

Thankfully just outside the exciting car hallway there were nice soothing white felt figures to play with.

In the next exhibit you had to select a frame shape to draw in (oval or rectangle) and a framed still life image to draw from the large box.  It turns out that my hubby teaches with the mother of this artist.   There’s that small world thing happening again!


I found my own little not-so-still life image to capture.

The final exhibit we visited was about highways and signs you see.  The boys sat down and drew a picture for themselves and a picture to leave for the artist.  Ethan drew a quick speed sign and then went back to exploring his nifty swipe card.


Brayden however spent ages on his drawings.  He really enjoys drawing and other creative pursuits.


He decided to draw the highway and the train tracks that you see alongside of the highways.


So you see a day at the Art Gallery isn’t just about looking at art on the wall…which is what we thought it was all about.  It’s about being participants in the creation process too.

Yes, we’ll definitely visit again soon.

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One response to “A Trip to the Art Gallery

  1. PuddleJumpers

    January 16, 2009 at 6:39 am

    What an incredible place! Looks like the boys learned and had a great time with Art! Thanks for sharing.


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