The Beach on the Australia Day Weekend

24 Jan

It was an awfully dreary afternoon at the beach today…very hazy and glum but that didn’t deter my little iron men.


There was a breeze blowing so the waves were quite choppy.  To the boys that just meant more fun body surfing to the shore.


This was so cute…my little men playing “Ring ‘O Ring of Roses” on the beach. Then they’d fall down …


desperately grabbing each other before they were dumped back on the beach.


But the most amusing game was their lifeguard game. They would sit up on the sand watching the beach…


and then yell “Our daddy needs rescuing”…


and charge down back to the surf.


Of course we had to have a little discussion about just how loud they were being in case they frightened the lifeguard.


Just look at my little lifeguards in training. See their bronzed muscles rippling out of those singlet tops… okay…well perhaps that’s not their calling in life.


But what a lot of fun they had anyway.

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Posted by on January 24, 2009 in Holidays


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