You’d Think It Was Winter

02 Feb

Yes here we are mid summer in Australia.  You would expect to see two small boys in singlet tops eating iceblocks and splashing around in water to keep cool.  But where do I find my two?  Snuggled up on a couch together under a stack of blankets as far away from the air conditioner as they can manage.   Hmmm…I ponder.  And then the comment Ethan made to me the other day, “Mummy you must like winter” or Brayden’s statement, “We live in an igloo”.  I’m starting to get the feeling that they think my wonderful, much loved air conditioner is just a tad too cold for them.   I know.  I’m a bad mummy.  Yes, I promise I’ll lay out a jumper, beanie, gloves, scarf and socks for them to wear tomorrow.  It’s the least I can do and the most I’m prepared to do!  Hey, it’s HOT outside and I’m trying to avoid sweat at ALL costs…the cost of frostbite included!

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Posted by on February 2, 2009 in Family Life


One response to “You’d Think It Was Winter

  1. Hubby

    February 2, 2009 at 5:10 am

    She's not kidding – It's so cold around here that meat won't even thaw.



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