Brayden has begun reading…Tada!!

04 Feb

…but I had nothing to do with it, he says he figured it out from watching Leap Frog Phonic dvds.

I had all these grand lessons plans for getting Brayden on the road to reading.   On Monday we gathered our resources – a special pen that writes on all sorts of surfaces but wipes off easily and a Thomas the Tank train.  We found a spot on the tiles to write and I began my lesson…just as I had for Ethan when he was the same age.  I wrote “c…a…t” leaving spaces between each letter as Thomas the Tank would be driving over the word and holding his sound until he met another letter.  This is one of the techniques I had used with Ethan to help him learn to blend sounds together to make words.  With Ethan it took me six weeks of these sorts of ideas before one day he clicked onto the idea that the word was “cat” and not “c…a….t”.  So I was prepared to have to do these types of lessons for a little while with Brayden too.

Before the ink could dry on the first word Brayden had sounded it out and told me what the word was.  It’s just not natural for jaws to drop as low as mine did.

It was a bittersweet moment actually.  I was excited that he was reading.  I mean, “WOOHOO!!!!”.  And I was over the moon about skipping that six week period that Ethan went through.  That was a lot of sweat and tears and they were mostly all mine.  But this moment was a sad moment too.  With Ethan I had seen the actual moment he had learned to blend his first word.   I saw the “ahha” expression come across his face.   That moment was as precious as seeing his first steps.  I wasn’t there when that happened for Brayden.  He was in front of the box (others refer to it as a tv) learning from his electronic teacher who would never have cherished that moment as I would have…sigh.  But let’s forgot about me – my baby is reading!!!!  How exciting is that?!!!

Out go all my lesson plan ideas for this month.  This teacher obviously needs to do a little skip and run to catch up to her student.

So we moved onto writing.  Yep he can spell all his “at” words as well as read them.

Where have I been while my child has been learning without me?  Does he just soak up all this stuff from the atmosphere?  Perhaps he does.  He’s certainly going to keep me on my toes.

I’ve pulled out some beginning readers and started daily reading with Brayden.  From years of reading the pictures, it’s going to take him a little while to break the habit of looking solely for the story in the illustrations.  But he’ll get there…possibly without me one day when I’m not looking.

In the meantime we’ve been playing all sorts of games with our nifty “it’s okay to write on the tile” markers.  Today I wrote out all the “at” words and a few basic sight words and we played various games to practise reading these words.

Oh and to give you a summary of how my first fortnight has been with this particular child:

I planned to teach him to count to twenty and the night before I overhead him count out twenty chips for his brother

So I planned to teach him to write these numbers instead and the afternoon before he writes the numbers to 22 on the tiles to create a hopstoch game

And now we can add beginning reading and spelling to my list of non-teaching moments for my first fortnight.

I’m just going to have to keep a closer eye on this child!  He’s going to put me out of a job!

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