Empress Theodora Crowns – a SOTW 2 craft

03 Mar

Now I’m not sure if this is how Susan Wise Bauer envisaged the crowns looking when she put this craft idea in her Story of the World activity books but this is how it translated from book, to my mind, and onto paper.

First we started by threading beads onto strings to secure to the side of the crown for the dangly bits.  We found some blue glass beads on sale at Spotlight and used these instead of the suggested pearls.  Okay, so authentic we’re not but frugal we are.  The glass beads were actually a good idea as they gave the crown quite a bit of weight which lead to a discussion about the weight of crowns.

Here’s my Mr Craft looking for just the right bead to thread next.

(This is a great fine motor and pre-writing activity.  Young children needs lots of these experiences.)

The boys got a bit discouraged when they realised they had to create two long lengths of beads before they got anywhere near the glue.

Of course this lead to the “Is this long enough?” queries.  I set a certain number of beads and they happily complied knowing exactly where the end point would be.

Finally they got to the messy part – the gluing.  I set out a selection of glitter and glamour for their crowns:  cross sequins, heart, diamond and flower shaped rhinestones, mini multicoloured rhinestones and star and geometric shaped sequins.

In true boy fashion the activity was focused on action and featured crashing sound effects.  Just because their bodies are still and at the table does not mean that their minds have moved to calmer thoughts.

The boys were watching the glue drip down their crowns and were talking about catching the drops and putting decorations in their paths to crash into.  At one point the drips were flows of lava charging down a volcano.   Hmmm…where do I fit the discussions about the aesthetic appeal of the place of their decorations?   No you just don’t go there.  You stand back and enjoy the glimpse into the mind of a boy.   At least that’s how it is in this household.

Here’s their final masterpieces and my little Empress Theodoras modelling their new crowns.

Did it matter to my little men that they were making and wearing girl crowns?  Nahh.  They can wrestle in girl crowns just as easily as anything else.

Oh and to mothers of girls who are panicked at the sight of what looks like a physical fight…don’t fret…this is what little boys do – wrestle with their brothers.
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One response to “Empress Theodora Crowns – a SOTW 2 craft

  1. Anonymous

    March 7, 2009 at 9:35 pm

    Aren't they wonderful? And your description of standing back and just marveling at how little boy minds work is exactly how I feel when we do craft with my 10yo, almost 7 yo and 4yo. Usually I am trying to hold the baby on my hip too so he can't get his little paws into everything. Ahh, but looking at how proud they are of their creations makes it all worth it.

    Loving your blog, thanks for showing us how your days go.

    Best wishes
    Jen in NSW


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