Off to the Beach after school

04 Mar

Hubby got it into his head that we should head to the beach after school today.  I was not keen.  I’m never keen to go to the beach.  It’s not the beach so much as the sun and the sand followed by the sandy wet clothes to wash when we get home.  But all that only goes through my head in the process of making the decision to actually go.  Once we’re on our way it’s all good.  So I have to trick myself into the decision.  I tell the boys we are thinking about going and then I just can’t back out can I.

So off we went, meeting hubby there after work.

Of course we always swim between the flags although I had to urge hubby to do so today.  He was happy to paddle in our usual spot which had already taken their flags down.  I’m a stickler for the rules though and I don’t care if we’re only knee deep.  Rules are rules and this family swims between the flags.

This meant a fair hike down the beach towards the next set of flags…you can’t even see the flags in this picture that’s how far we had to hike.

The boys finally made it to the water and had a wonderful time as always.  My little fluro/albino men should have been little tan blonde surfer boys.   Maybe they will be lifeguards one day if Mummy ever lets them get in the water beyond their knees…hmmm…with all the shark attacks in Sydney in recent weeks…this may NEVER happen.

My little men got a fair few dunkings today.  Below you can see Brayden taking a dive beneath the waves…in shin deep water mind you

Never fear Daddy is always close by in the water for fun and any required rescues and Mummy paces from the shoreline keeping a super close eye on all the goings on.  What?!  You didn’t think I was actually going to get wet?  Then the sand would stick to me! Sometimes the fun is where the rescuing is required…hmmm this doesn’t look like it will end well

Mummy radar knew it!   Who knows why they are all still smiling…even while being dunked.

Our afternoon beach trips are always short lived though – one and a half hours to two hours tops – which is plenty of time in the surf.  My little men come out exhausted and often blue.

Of course there’s still a little time to explore the beach and leave your mark on the looooong walk back to the car.Ethan left his name on the beach.

Brayden left his art.

And then we headed home under the light of the moon.

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