Hmmm…Is it worth it?

18 Apr

I spent a blissful day shopping with my mum and sister today.

No little men in tow.  No complaining about how much longer I would be.  No tantrums.  No MacDonalds for lunch.  No sharing my bathroom cubicle with two little boys.  No buckling little ones in and out of car seats (the 5 and 7 year old have fancy car seat boosters that use the same style of harness as a baby car seat which means I get to click them in each time).  No little men wrestling on the floor of the change room cubicle.  No little men hiding in and under the clothes racks in the stores.  No little men wanting to spend time in the toy aisles playing and drooling.   No little men to keep tabs on at all times.  No little men to drag around the store when they really should be off playing outdoors which is why I left them at home with their Daddy and had a big girls only day out.  My first this year and most likely one of only 4 or 5 during the year.

I got SOOO much done.  All the boys winter shopping and all my winter shopping PLUS time to indulge in a little book shopping because you know how much I need more books.

Ahhh…I don’t know why I don’t have more of these shopping days, aside from the fact that I LOATHE clothes shopping, I end up buying the boys more when they are not with me as I see so many things my little men would love,  and I come home to this each time I go out by myself….

This is only one room.  I won’t show you the rest.  I don’t want you crying all over my blog in distress if you had to look at all of the rooms.  At present I’m just stepping over it all.  Deep breaths.  They had fun today obviously.   But perhaps it’ll be several more months before I’m game enough to venture out again and leave three males (2 small, 1 big) unattended in the house.
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Posted by on April 18, 2009 in Family Life


One response to “Hmmm…Is it worth it?

  1. Anonymous

    April 18, 2009 at 5:34 am

    I haven't seen your whole house but i'm sure whatever state it's in it was worth the day out. I'd be happy to just get out for a few hours- hmm- must do something about that! Susan


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