Parliament House – Old and New

18 Jul

Canberra is full of historical and political attractions however our trip to Canberra was mostly science focused but who can visit Canberra and not visit Parliament House.

First we went to new Parliament House.  Isn’t it a grand building?  I just love that flag towering 81 metres over the building.

Front of new Parliament House

A closer view of the front of new Parliament House

Putting your back to new Parliament House you can see the back of old Parliament HouseOn the ground here you can all see the large Aboriginal mosaic design.

The main foyer

The House of Representatives

The Senate

We only briefly toured new Parliament House as the boys really aren’t old enough to appreciate it.  Old Parliament House was much more interesting for them.

Below is old Parliament House.  A grand building but no where near as architecturally outstanding as the new building.

Old Parliament House
The old House of Representatives.  Smaller and gloomier than the new but made more impressive by all the old wood.
The old Senate.  The children enjoyed being able to walk around these rooms and sit in the seats that past politicians sat in.

You could walk around the whole building into the different rooms.  They had roped off most of the seats and desks but you were still close enough to feel like you were involved in the room.  They also laid the rooms out with props that made it look like you were walking through history.   The boys loved looking at all the old things – old telephones and old typewriters.

Here’s Brayden sitting in an old speaker’s chair.

Here’s Ethan and his friend sitting in a seat that the Queen sat on.

Old Parliament House had children’s rooms for young visitors.  The first was a dress up room.  There were cupboards full of costumes and several areas with backdrops for your photos.

Here’s Ethan posing as a Chinese gold fossicker.

Here’s Brayden posing as a Roman in his chariot.


The other children’s room was themed “Children have a voice” so we probably shouldn’t have been hushing our noisy little ones  .

Playing with the  tube phones

Exploring a time lapse type view of the room we were in.

Exploring yet another touch screen.  I think we’ve played with all the touch screens Canberra had to offer.


The next photo is neither of the Parliament Houses but still a parliamentary type of thing that we saw – Government House.  I was amused that they had kangaroos living on the property so they could graze so photographically in front of the building.   Please let me dispel this myth for you…generally…kangaroos do not graze in our yards…unless you live on a farm or something similar.

So that’s was a quick photographic tour around our Parliament Houses.  If you are interested in knowing more about our parliament you can find lots of great information here.

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  1. kcmyworld

    July 18, 2009 at 12:35 pm

    and your photos are beautiful.



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