Ein-O-Science Kits

19 Jun

My boys LOVE Science experiments.

It’s one of the great things about homeschooling.  We have the time and resources to do experiments and our children can do the whole experiment without having to compete with 28 other classmates.

For those Mums who cower at the thought of Science experiments, there is help for you.  It comes in the form of Science kits.  Don’t think that you need to have a costly curriculum to do Science.  Yeah, sure they’re good too.  But if you just want to dip your toe into experimenting, why not start with a kit.   Baby steps remember.

And for Science enthusiasts, don’t overlook the humble Science kit.  On a busy day it’s nice to be able to just pull out the kit and have everything you need provided.  And as the kids get older, they will enjoy using the kits by themselves.

But please, don’t just buy any kit.  Some kits provide nothing more than frustration.  Their instructions can be unclear and long winded, they can require many non-household items, and can be filled with disappointing experiments that you just can’t get to work.

One brand of kit that I can personally recommend is the “Ein-O-Science” range.  We haven’t come across a bad one yet.  I have our Science cupboard stocked full with them.

“Ein-O-Science” kits come with almost all of the materials you will need…right down to simple household items.

We did the  Acids and Bases Box Kit this week and the vinegar, baking soda solution and detergent all came carefully sealed in miniature beakers ready to use.  The beakers were sooo cute!  And no, none of the solutions had leaked.   They were very well sealed.

This Acids and Bases Box Kit even came with a little tray of empty beakers to add our own solutions to if we wanted to extend the experience.  AND enough extra litmus paper to do so!!

The booklets that come in their kits are wonderful.  They include some very simply explained information about the concepts being explored and easy to understand instructions.

Ethan has completed many of the electronic Ein-O-Science box kits.  He found the booklets easy to use  and was able to complete the tasks by himself.

I can’t speak highly enough about the electronic kits.  They are wonderfully easy to assemble and yet include all of the intricate components that you might find in a more advanced kit.

The kit we did this week explored acids and bases, in particular measuring the pH levels to identify whether a substance was an acid or a base.

The boys had a wonderful time placing litmus paper into different solutions, comparing the coloured reactions to the pH colour chart and recording their results on the provided data table.

It was a simple activity but perhaps one that I might not have considered at this age if the activity wasn’t completely out of a box.

The only preparation I did for this Chemistry activity was grab the kit and the camera!!  Now that’s MY kind of Science experiment!!  You would have to agree!!


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5 responses to “Ein-O-Science Kits

  1. Jen in NSW

    June 27, 2010 at 10:28 am

    Hi, I hadn’t visited in a while and you moved house. lol Well, at least did some redecorating.

    We just did three science kits yesterday. I agree that the Ein-O-Science kits are easy to use. TG for some circuit experience though as we broke one of the components but then again my dad bought me up on Dick Smith electronic kits with a wooden base and screws to hold the components in. lol

    I get my science kits from Jaycar, was lucky last year to get some huge science cubes for less than half price. A homeschooler’s dream! The Science Time kits seem pretty good too so far. I am yet to try the big ones.

    Have you checked out IQ toys online too? They seem to have a good range.

    Best wishes
    Jen in NSW

  2. Tracey

    June 27, 2010 at 11:01 am

    My Mum’s told me about this Jaycar place. I haven’t been there before. Mum’s bought Ethan some science kits from there before. Must put that on my “to do” especially as birthday season is coming around again in our house.

    Oh yes I’ve got IQ Toys bookmarked. But I get my Ein-O-Science kits from the Modern Teaching Aides Toy Warehouse at Brendale (Brisbane, QLD). They have a massive toy sale twice a year and have lots of Ein-O-Science kits for only a few dollars each. One year I nearly filled my boot full of them for only a hundred dollars. I was thrilled. Yes, educational toy sales are a homeschooler’s dream alright!!

    Must do a post soon about our Brainbox kits. They are fantastic electronic kits. They have all the usual components and more but they snap/click together, a bit like Lego. They even have an instruction manual that’s not much different from following Lego instructions. Very cool!!! Hugely popular toy in our home!!

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  4. Kids Science Kits

    October 21, 2010 at 7:26 am

    This is such a great idea, I’ll be it’s going to be very popular!


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