A Fully Fledged Reader

29 Jun

Ethan is now a confident AND independent reader.  Whoohoo!!  Number one major goal achieved…for one child anyway.

I’ve always said that if I can just teach them to read then everything else will be a breeze.  (I’ve since added, ‘If I can just teach them to write’ to that list as well!)

Ethan’s actually been a confident reader for quite some time.  He has been reading novels with me since last year but wasn’t convinced that he could read by himself or that he would want to.

Then at the bookstore I suggested a title that he might enjoy.  It had one of those cool lenticular animated plastic pictures on the front for an extra carrot to dangle in front of him.  Oh and the word “ipod” appeared on the very first page.   To an up-an-coming computer geek that’s very exciting.   Suffice it to say that he was hooked!!

As we are big “before bed” readers, Ethan decided that he too would read before bed every night.  He particularly liked the idea of being allowed to have his light on for extra time each night.

For the first week Ethan took his novel everywhere.  I’d often find him curled up on the lounge reading a further chapter.  Before the end of the fortnight he’d finished his first novel…which actually had two books in one!

Since then he’s devoured book after book.

It seems that keeping up with the book demand of this family is going to be quite a challenge!  But what a GREAT challenge to have!!!

Novels Ethan has read to himself in bed in the past two and a bit months

PS.  No the Zak Power novels aren’t great literature but they have been a great tool for reading confidence.  I’m confident that my boys will move onto great books with reading experience.  We read so many great books aloud that I’m certain they won’t settle for a diet of mind candy.


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3 responses to “A Fully Fledged Reader

  1. Lauren

    June 30, 2010 at 12:27 pm

    Don’t apologise for the books your kids read — the term “widely read” must necessarily include titles that are poo-poohed by the literary elite.

  2. Tracey

    June 30, 2010 at 12:40 pm

    Very true.

  3. Jo Princess Warrior

    July 2, 2010 at 10:36 am

    Hey Zac Power is a lot better than the Paul Jenning’s book I received with my box of Cheerios. It had the character peeing on the wall and his hand down his pants. That one has been filed under ‘r’ for rubbish. My boys love Zac Power too.

    Yay Ethan! Yay Mummy! xo


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