The Big 7! It’s all too fast for me!!

15 Jul

Brayden turned 7 over the holidays…yes ALREADY.   Where did those years go???   And where do I go to claim them back!!??

The Cake at Grandma's house

He insists that he WILL NOT stay 6 for my benefit.  Nor will he stop growing as per my other request.  Why not?!!!  Boohoo.

I can hardly call him “My baby” now that he hardly looks like a baby and only has three more years until he’s ten!!!  Oh what a terrifying thought!!!

No we didn’t have a big party.  We tend not to go into that sort of thing.  We celebrate the day simply together as a family.

First Ethan hid Brayden’s gifts around the house.  Both boys love treasure hunting for surprises.

I love how my boys share even their birthday gifts with each other.  There is hardly any “yours” and “mine” in our house.  (Unless we are talking about “MY” chocolate!!!)

Birthdays - a great excuse to buy MORE books.

Then we baked a birthday cake together.  Nothing flash.  Just a simple cake mix as the fun part is helping mix,

licking the beaters

and of course the bowl.

But the highlight is being allowed to choose the lollies you want to decorate with and adding as many as humanly possible to the top of it.

Daddy then lights the candles, we sing “Happy Birthday” and enjoy cake BEFORE dinner.  So naughty but oh well.   Your birthday only happen once a year.


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2 responses to “The Big 7! It’s all too fast for me!!

  1. Jo Princess Warrior

    July 17, 2010 at 9:54 am

    Happy Birthday Brayden!!!!! The cake looked yum. I hate my boys growing up too. xo

  2. Jen in NSW

    July 17, 2010 at 2:08 pm

    Happy Birthday Brayden and hugs for mummy who is losing her baby. We get our kids to make and decorate their own cakes here too. It is so fun to see what colour/s the butter cake will turn out to be this year. Purple and pink are favourites even though I have boys.


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