We Have School Desks

23 Jul

…All we need now is a blackboard…hehehehe

No, no, I’m not planning on getting the boys to call me Mrs Teacher or anything like that.

These desks were being removed from Hubby’s school so we asked for two of them.   Surely they’d come in handy for something, right?

We actually asked how many we would be able to have, knowing we could easily find new homes for all of the desks amongst the homeschooling community, but unfortunately for our friends the desks had already been promised to a less fortunate school.

The boys think the desks are wonderful.  They have already made plans about what they can keep inside of them.

I haven’t worked out where we are going to put them yet (which is why they are temporarily housed in the middle of the playroom).  They probably need a lick of paint and a good clean.  Oh and some chairs too.  Sadly Hubby’s school did not need to buy new chairs as well.    Of course we can make do for the moment.

God comes first in our day which is why Ethan is sitting in his pjs writing his bible narration

Today the boys eagerly arranged to have “their” desks moved to their  desired locations.   Ethan chose the study.   That would have been my first choice too.  Who can resist sitting next to all of those delicious books!

Bradyen left his desk in the playroom, possibly because it’s a room that we don’t usually work in…for obvious reasons.

Bradyen's other little table and chair arrangement is better suited to his size but he wasn't going to miss the chance to use "his" new desk

Even though the boys like to work together, they also enjoy time to work alone.   I’ve noticed this more as they’ve got older.

I think these little desks are going to be great.   They are small enough that they can fit nicely in most rooms and light enough to be moved easily if the boys want a change of scenery.  And the best thing of all for us…they were free!!!


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2 responses to “We Have School Desks

  1. Jo Princess Warrior

    July 25, 2010 at 5:43 pm

    My boys would love these desks. Enjoy. How fun! xo


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