Our Ekka Day Out – Part 3

13 Aug

Ready for Part 3??  This is going to be the animal post – cute, awesome and a little bit gross in some places.

The Ekka, aside from the carnival atmosphere, is probably best know for it’s animal exhibits.   The country folk bring their best animals to the Exhibition to enter them in various competitions and the Ekka visitors can experience a little of what the country has to offer without leaving town.


It’s interesting but people assume that farm animals are familiar animals but they really aren’t to city folk.  If you visit a zoo you rarely see farm animals.  So we found the “mundane” animals fascinating.  Just their sheer size impressed us.


The Llamas amused us too.  They were such curious creatures.  I loved their expressions.


We really enjoyed this display.  Not only were the Llamas on exhibit but there were also samples of their wool and items that had been made from Llama wool.  The boys notion that wool comes from sheep was totally shattered (although according to its composition what is sheared from a llama is hair and not wool so I should probably call it fiber).  There was also a lady in the display spinning llama “fiber” into yarn.


There were lots of birds on exhibit.  This was the canary exhibit and it was rather loud.


Actually the whole bird pavilion was loud.  We loved that about it.  Boys love all things loud as they could join in with the bird songs and no one would notice.  And trust me they did join in!!


We absolutely LOVED the roosters.  We wandered up and down each row of them.  They were so much larger in real life.  I’m sure I have seen roosters before but I just don’t remember them being so handsome.  They certainly have something to crow about.


Oh and we loved their cock-a-doodle-doos.  We couldn’t get enough of them.  We even tried to video them but not one of these grand birds would perform on camera.


There were all sorts of chickens to look at as well.  We were most amused by the feet of this little fellow.  Feathers totally covered her little chicken feet and she was hilarious to watch walking around.    *Snicker, snicker*  Oh we shouldn’t laugh.  That poor thing has to live with those feet.  Hehehe.


Liam, the professional educator (yes really), told my boys (tongue in cheek of course but straight faced and serious with the boys…hehehehe) that the speckled chickens laid speckled eggs, and the black chickens laid black eggs and these delightfully coloured chickens laid blue and green


and pink and purple eggs.

The boys were taking Liam’s “teaching” (yes I plan to sack him) seriously until we got to the coloured chickens.  At this point they started to wonder if Daddy might be pulling their leg…surely.


Thank goodness for this black and white hen, who according to Daddy’s theory, should have a black and withe egg!!!  Hehehehe.

Somewhere on the shelf I have a book about all different sorts of eggs.  I’ve told the boys we’ll read it and help re-educate Daddy who’s clearly confused.  Hehehehe.  The boys were most amused.


Sadly we only caught the end of the horse demonstrations but the boys were interested to see an Indian costume as they are only just learning about Indians through our studies about Jamestown.  The horse himself was stunning too.

There were just so many animals and animal shows to see.   You’d be hard pressed to see everything.  We missed the milking and shearing demonstrations and also the walk through animal nursery as we just didn’t have enough time in one day to do all we would have liked to do.


A lot of our time in the animal pavilions was devoted to the Little Miracles Newborn Centre.  Here you could sit and watch lambs being born.  We’d never seen an animal birth before (aside from on TV) and the boys were dumbfounded and silent…yes MY boys…silent and still!!  And we had to wait a good portion of an hour to see the event!!


In the display were several mother and baby couples.  This little lambie was  born a few days earlier at the Ekka.  Isn’t it adorable?


And if you’re not feeling a twinge on your heart strings yet, try out these younger Ekka twins.


When we stumbled upon the birthing area one ewe was already in full labour.  Can you see the contracted muscles on her back??  I’m not sure how she felt about her very public birthing experience.

Now I’m warning you up front that you may find the following photos quite detailed but I tried to only include the nicer ones.  I’m sure you’ll love them though.  How can you not love a brand new lamb entering the world?!


These are the front feet of the lamb emerging.  For a long time this is all that we could see.


After we waited and waited all of a sudden its little head emerged.  Anyone who turned away for a moment would have missed it.


Little lamb’s first view of the big wide world…


So alert…


Little lambie picked up his head and took a good look around at his audience before he’s was even fully born!!


Finally here.

Mind you his Mum was not exactly friendly at first.  She took to head butting the little fellow for the first few minutes until she realised what she had done.  We were all holding our breath waiting for her to acknowledge that she was a Mummy now.

Then she started to clean him up.  Fancy having to lick the afterbirth off them yourself.  I’m so glad I’m human!!!  (Hehehe…and you thought you made it through the post without a stomach churning moment didn’t you?  Hehehehe!)


Seeing a little lamb born was the highlight of our day.   Apparently 10 lambs were born the day we visited the Ekka.

By this time in the day it was late afternoon.   Yes we truly crammed all of these things into one day.  Hard to imagine that the Ekka has so much to offer.  And remember we didn’t see or do everything!!

Only one part left of our Ekka series.

Stay tuned for the final part….

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