Our Ekka Day Out – Part 4

13 Aug

The last part of our day was the spent at Side Show Alley – the place where your money and you are soon parted!!  We planned ahead and pre-prepared the boys for what they would be permitted to do.  Originally we said only one ride or game but then during the day told the boys that they could have two rides and one game.  To the boys it seemed liked they were being given a LOT more than they expected.  So they were excited with a lot less.

A bit mean you might think.  Well let me explained it with one quick point – the Ferris Wheel you can see below cost us $28 to ride.  Yes, $28 for a family of four and that was the discounted two adults and two children price.  Everyone else paid $8 a person!!  Ouch!!!


Grandad had given each of the boys money to spend at the Ekka and we made it clear that it was enough for show bags and rides, if they were wise with how they spent it.  I was really pleased with how they carefully considered their expenditure and made sure they had plenty left over for rides.

The Ferris Wheel was Ethan’s choice.   He was very pleased with his choice and we all enjoyed the ride.  It’s been years since I rode this Ferris Wheel.


I was pleased that the seating was very enclosed and secure.  I’m not afraid of heights but I do fear falling from them if I don’t feel secure.  It’s made worse when I feel my babies are at risk.   In this cabin we could relax and enjoy the view…although I insisted that an adult was securely clutching my babies at all times!!!


Look at the pure joy on Ethan’s face.  It was worth $28 to see it…okay perhaps my own face would have reflected more pure joy if I didn’t feel so bled dry of money after only one ride!!  Hehe.


Brayden enjoyed Ethan’s ride choice too although he’s more of an action ride boy.


Check out the view from my side of the cabin.  This is probably a 1/3 to a 1/4 of Side Show Alley.  Notice how few people you can see.   That’s a rare sight at the Ekka.  But it meant that we didn’t have to line up at all for the rides!


Next we played a traditional Ekka game – the clowns.  There are ducks too but who plays the ducks!!

This is a popular choice for children as they are guaranteed a prize with no skill required.  And when I’m paying $4 a child to drop 5 balls into a clowns mouth I expect a prize for my children.  Wouldn’t you?!


When Ethan’s score was totaled he won a higher leveled prize not that you could really tell the difference between the consolation and real prizes.  Ethan was thrilled though.  He was given a choice between a sword and a helicopter toy.  I held my breath hoping he wouldn’t add another sword to our household and thankfully my breath-holding paid off.  Ethan chose the helicopter thingie.  Phew!!  Brayden however chose a ball shooting gun.  Sigh.  I’m so glad that Ekka toys break within the first week.  (You know the light sabers I mentioned in Part 1 of the Ekka series?  They are already broken…and you wondered why I allowed them into the house didn’t you.  I knew I wouldn’t have to suffer with them for long.)


Brayden’s ride choice was the bumper cars.   He likes action.

Poor Uncle Chris drew the short straw and had to ride with him.  Heheheh.  He didn’t know what he was in for but each time he went past we could see the fear written across his face.

Brayden takes “bumper” cars literally and Uncle Chris has declared that he will not be assisting in teaching Brayden to drive when it comes time!!  Hehehehe.  Me either might I add.


Ethan loved the cars too.  I’m sure he didn’t stop talking about them for a full half an hour after he’d got out of them.


Because there was hardly anyone else around the boys got a really long ride.  And I was pleased with the price of the bumper cars too.  Only $6 a car!!


Ordinarily, once we’d finished with Side Show Alley and had something to eat, we would have headed for the main arena and settled ourselves in for an evening of wonderful entertainment – some of which would include  jousting, V8 stuntcars, monster trucks and fireworks.

But check out what it looked like by this time…


How long would you want to sit out in the rain in winter while you were already water logged?   Not long I suspect.

We decided that we’d had quite enough of the rain and would pass on the main arena entertainment this time as we could quite possibly sit and find that much of it had been canceled due to the rain anyway.

The trudge back to the car was the wettest and coldest part of the day.  The heavens totally opened up as we walked the last couple of hundred metres across a park which had been turned into a temporary car park.   But that wasn’t the worst bit.  We had to trudge through puddles up to our ankles (as if our shoes weren’t wet enough already) and just to complete the evening, much of the carpark had turned to mud so you had to tread carefully and slowly to avoid slipping onto your toosh or leaving your shoes behind in the sludge.  The boys, of course, thought it was wonderful.  Me…not so much.

Thankfully I had thought to bring a spare set of clothes for the boys so we could change them into something warm for the hour long ride home.  We did this in the back of our station wagon.  Oh and just to complete our wet day, I got to close the raised door on the back of the car.  Do you know how much water can pool on a door after only a few minutes in heavy rain?  I do now.  A lot.  As I closed it, it was like having a bucket of water poured all over me.  Oh so cold and oh so wet.  The boys of course, and Liam too, thought it was hilarious.  Me…not so much.  But I definitely won’t forget our Ekka 2010 experience…not in a hurry anyway!!!!

And that brings me to the end of my Ekka post series.   I hope you vicariously enjoyed our Ekka day out.  If you ever get a chance to go, don’t let the crowds and expense scare you away.  I highly recommend going at least once in a while.   Limit the expensive stuff and make full use of the free activities on offer.

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