Our Ekka Day Out – The Epilogue

16 Aug

You thought you’d seen the end of the Ekka posts didn’t you?

So did I.

But then on Saturday afternoon we were heading home from the in-laws house, not far from the Ekka, and I made the comment that we should go to the Ekka that night to see the main arena shows that we missed on our rainy visit.

We contemplated the woes of having to pay a second entrance fee but when we considered it the price would probably only be a few dollars different to paying for the four of us to see a movie!!  (Out of curiosity I just checked my local cinema prices to go to a movie on Saturday night and it was exactly the same price as family admission to the Ekka!)

One thing led to another and we ended up at the Ekka again…but what glorious weather we had the second time around!


Glorious weather, of course, is coupled with crowds to shuffle through.

Compared to our rainy day visit, crowds were much more comfortable than the drenching rain we encountered in the evening of our first visit.


There were two things we didn’t do at the Ekka on our first trip – feed the baby animals and watch the Main Arena entertainment.

As we headed to the entrance of the animal nursery we saw a crowd gathering nearby to see a baby llama.  We had to stop to get our photo taken with her.  She was only 5 month old.


Cute, isn’t she?


We leisurely strolled through the animal nursery as we had a full hour up our sleeve to enjoy…unlike our visit several days earlier where we were always in a hurry to move to the next exhibit to make the most of our day.


The boys each got a cup of animal food to feed to the animals.


It took Brayden a while to teach the animals who was boss of the feed cup.

When he first got his cup the poor child was nearly trampled by eager kids (baby goats, that is) and lambs trying to get to his cup.   He adopted “the cup in the air” technique which worked well for him until he learned to be master of the feed cup.


Ethan told Liam, “I absolutely love this” which is a huge change from previous animal feeding experiences.


The  nursery set up was wonderful.   Lots of space to move, a good variety of animals to meet and bigger animals fenced off in enclosures so they couldn’t knock over the younger children.  It was one of the best animal feeding experiences we have had.


After thoroughly washing our hands (urrghhh animal drool), we found some good arena seats and settled in for a night of entertainment.

It was very well organised.  While bigger events were being set up there was always a bit of side entertainment to hold your attention.     We never get restless or bored as the action just kept rolling.


They kept the less crowd-popular activities to a minimum and added fun features.  For example, these horse riders had to race through a series of obstacles, leave their horses with a handler and run to an awaiting V6 car.  They were then driven by experts (of course) part the way around the circuit, spun the vehicle around for the return trip, then jumped out of the car and ran back to their horse.    The crowd of course was cheering and urging on their favourite competitors.


There were jousting competitions to watch too.   We’re fairly certain that they were the same poeple we saw compete at the Medieval Fair last year.  Probably a fair bet though.  There wouldn’t be too many jousting experts around the place.


This horse and rider were illuminated by their own lights in a darken arena.  Such a simple concept but visually spectacular.


As you can see in the photo below the crowds eventually found their way to the grandstands too.

The best events of the night, the cars and fireworks, were the crowd-drawers.  Bet you can’t guess which are my absolute favourite….


If you guessed fireworks…

…you are WRONG!

I loooooove the cars.    The noisier the better!!  Bet you wouldn’t have guessed that.  Do I have an interest in cars??  Nope.  I know nothing about them.  But I do know that there is no better way to get your adrenalin racing.

Below…a divine sounding V8….oh the rumbling purr-like growl of a V8.  Nothing like it.   Hehehehe.

Yes I am a Christian lady with long hair who dresses modestly and yet I enjoy the sound of a V8 engine.   That’ll stretch your stereotypes!!  Hehehehe.


My favourite event used to be the Precision Racing Team…when it was comprised of V8s.  Nowdays we have to endure V6s.   Sigh.  Yes they can still drive on two wheels…


all the way around the track even,


and do all the fancy maneuvers  like driving around the track in novel formations but they just don’t sound right.    I know you don’t understand my pain.   But take my word for it.  It’s just not the same.


But hey, the Monster Truck roar could almost fill the void that I was feeling.

Oh I am so the mother of boys, aren’t I!   God knew I was clearly suited to sons, even when I kept asking Him for daughters.  Hehehe.


The grand finale of the evening was the Fireworks and Laser display.


Yeah they were good.


Not as good as the cars though but pretty good.   Hehehe.


Getting out of the Main Arena with thousands of others was a challenge but it’s all part and parcel of the Ekka experience I suppose.


We followed the crowds (you didn’t really have much of a choice) through Side Show Alley


towards the exit


stopping to watch one last ride-full of thrill seekers…silly them.  Hehehe.


Now I promise you there will be no more Ekka posts.  How do I know this?  Well the Ekka has packed up and is moving on.

Until another year….

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