29 Aug

No, not an art post.  A history post actually.

I first heard the term “OOPArt” in an audio by Diana Waring.  (I think it was “What in the World”  Volume 1).

OOPArt is a term that means “Out of Place Artifact”.  It’s apparently not a popular term amongst “mainstream” historians and scientists.  But that’s okay.  I don’t agree with them on some pretty major “theories” so this is nothing new for me.

When looking for some examples of OOPArt I stumbled across a large website focused on OOPArt that I got lost in for ages.  It was fascinating reading.

I don’t know the specific details of the background of the author except that they are a  Creation-Believing Christian.  Yes they do refer to tens of thousands to millions of years but these are the time frames assigned to the OOPArts by their secular scientists.

The world that OOPArts allude to certainly fits well with my view of God’s world.   The OOPArts have the potential to fill in a lot of gaps for me.

No I don’t claim or believe that 100% of the stuff on the website is the proven may or may not be valid.   But boy does it spark a person’s interest.

Curious??  Check out the site for yourself then:

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