12 Sep

All over the web I see people photographing their lunch boxed meals.   Makes me chuckle to myself.

Being a homeschooler I’m sooooo happy that I don’t have to prepare lunch boxes for my children.   I do not need another chore to add to my day.  No siree!

And really does it take that long to make a quick lunch.

We don’t have flash, exotic lunches.  Often we’ll just have a Vegemite sandwich or a few Cruskits.   Other days we have leftovers or pasta.   I personally like a warm bowl of porridge or a piece of toast occasionally…yes at lunch time.  Why not?!

The boys’ all time favourite lunch is what they call, “Salad and Stuff”.   It’s basically whatever fruits and vegetables I can find in the fridge and sometimes a piece of bread, half a bread roll or few plain crackers.


And I’ve discovered that if I cut things in slightly different ways the boys get all excited…yes, over the same food just cut in different ways.


So we’re keeping it simple here and going against the flow (something I’m ever so good at)

and keeping our lunch on plates.

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Posted by on September 12, 2010 in Family Life


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