Science at our Door

12 Sep

Who needs to plan a Science lesson when they just keep knocking…or more specifically sliding past…your door.


Some of my long time readers will remember the last time a slug came to visit us.


We spent a lot of time observing him.  This two-view catcher was perfect for the job.  The top view magnifies him and the side viewer uses a mirror to show you what he looks like from beneath.  Cool!!


After a little reading we decided that we had a slug and not a snail.  Now we are keeping our eyes peeled for a snail to compare to our slug.


But since we’d read so much about snails each Little Man did a little narration on snails.

All unplanned Science for the day.  No, not unschooling…we like to think of it as God’s Curriculum Plan.

So learn to be flexible and leave room in your day for the things God plans to send your way.

Gosh that rhymes!   I impress myself some times…hehehehehe.

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Posted by on September 12, 2010 in Science


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