Science Centre with Guests

12 Sep

Last week we took some more guests with us to the Science Centre.  I’m loving this annual pass.  It’s such an ingenious thing.  It allows you to bring guests with you.  How’s that for a great bargain.

It’s really nice to be able to take different guests along with us each time.   Different guests enjoy different activities and the boys get to explore things they might not have spent much time on by themselves.


The boys and our three guests

Plus everywhere is more fun with friends.  The boys had a wonderful time as always and thoroughly enjoyed the company of their three companions.


There were a lot more people at the Science Centre than normal though.  We always arrive after lunch to allow the school groups time to leave.  We were told that they mostly leave after lunch.  Well it seems that that is not always so.  Three new school groups rocked up after we arrived.


Couldn't you just eat him up?!

Our guests got a taste of school “socialisation” when one school boy just decided to climb up onto the apparatus that we were using at the time.  I couldn’t believe they would be so brazen.  But yes, they could and were.


Safe Cracking - Just in case the homeschooling doesn't work out...hehehe

Aside from the school kids (Grrrr!) we had a lovely day at the Science Centre and are already planning our second trip.

Science is very coooool!!!

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