Look What We Bought

16 Sep



I have heard amazing things about these little ride-on vehicles and have often pondered whether they would make a good gift for the boys.  But I hadn’t seen them in action so I never gave it any more thought and I let these fantastic cars slip by time and time again.

Today at the shops we bumped into friends who were there selling…you guessed it…Gyrocars.  For the first time the boys jumped  on and gave them a test drive.  They were sooooo cool.   They were much easier to maneuver than I had ever imagined and they required a lot less space to ride around in than I had previously thought.

I used to let the boys ride their trikes in the house…when they were small and their trikes were tiny.  (We have the perfect house for riding as the halls are extra wide and there is a natural circuit).  But as the boys grew the noise became unbearable and the speed was breakneck.  You could not walk around the house for fear of losing the skin off your heels.    So the trikes were banished.  Only days ago the boys were begging me to let them bring their trikes back inside to ride…forgetting that they have grown a lot since then!

Then we saw these Gyrocars which are perfect for indoor use.  They are almost silent (although our friends don’t guarantee that the children will be!) and there are no protruding metal handbars to damage the walls.    The Gyrocar is very sturdy, well made and AMAZING to drive.  To maneuver them you just move the steering wheel from side to side.   That’s right…you do NOT use your feet to propel yourself.   You can even spin the car in circles to make you giddy or reverse your direction.


Our friends warned us against purchasing the cheaper versions that you can find online as they are inferior in many different ways.  I value their opinion as I know that they promote only high quality products that they would use with their own children.

After talking it over with Hubby we decided to purchase two Gyrocars and put them away for gifts for the boys.  But when we got them home we had to have another test drive before putting them away.  I fear they may be addictive!!


Hubby decided that it would be best to put the upper weight limits to the test and jumped on a Gyrocar when one boy made the mistake of getting off.   Hubby was very disappointed.   Yes the Gyrocar held up very nicely under the promised upper limits but hubby was disappointed that HE didn’t get a car for himself too.   I can just see him “Gyrocaring” up the freeway to work each morning.  But think of the petrol savings.  Hehehe.



He told the boys not to fear if in the middle of the night they hear movement in the house.  It’ll just be daddy playing on the Gyrocars.   And if Mummy had got on a Gyrocar (which there is NO photographic evidence of) she might join Daddy in a midnight spin or two.  Hehehe.


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