20 Sep

One of Ethan’s friends is creating her own little recipe book of things she can make.   Ethan’s been talking about this and last night decided that he would create his own recipe.

I told him that I would have to look over his recipe before he could cook it so I could see what ingredients he would need.  Ethan set to work and immediately wrote out his recipe.

I must say I did give a sigh of relief when I saw his recipe.  I had imagined something a lot more elaborate.

(Brayden has since started on his own recipe and while I haven’t seen it all yet I have been told that it involved 5 cups of milk and 3 different types of juice…hmm I’m more than a little worried).


Today I ducked down to the store and Ethan volunteered to come with me.  Shock!!  Horror!!  He never voluntarily goes to the shop.

When I got down there I discovered his motive…he came along to remind me of the ingredients that we needed for his recipe.

He started his cooking creation as soon as he got home.


He insisted on being left totally alone in the kitchen to work which was good for me as I was already occupied elsewhere.


It wasn’t long until he roped his little brother into sharing the workload.   Ethan learned that it looks more fun to cook than it actually is.  By the tenth marshmallow Ethan was over the entire process.

Mean me made him complete the task he had started though.  Mostly because it’s criminal to waste a bowl of chocolate!


Once he finished his cooking creation he was very impressed with himself and raced around the house urging everyone to try one of his Choc-A-Mallows (his own creation name too!).



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Posted by on September 20, 2010 in Family Life


One response to “Choc-A-Mallows

  1. Simple Mama

    September 21, 2010 at 10:36 am

    Very yummy looking! Well done. My son loves to eat mini marshmallows and chocolate chips squished together. But never heated. Hmm. 🙂


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