A Police Talk

21 Sep

Our library hosts various events during the school holidays.  They aren’t incredibly whizz bang but sometimes they hit on a beauty.   So I always scan their calendar checking for upcoming events.

Today we were booked in to hear a safety talk from the police.   I knew anything to do with the police would be cool to little boys and I was right.

The boys were transfixed to the spot listening to everything they were told.   And both nearly jumped out of their skins to be first in line for anything the police offered.

It was a relatively short talk as I suspect the audience was a bit younger than they expected.  It was younger than I expected.  My boys were amongst the oldest there.  The other guests were preschool aged and under.


They talked about the “bad guys” trying to trick them into coming with them and how we had to be smarter than them.  They also discussed the 5 important people notion – where kids are encouraged to think of five safe adults they could get help from or talk to.   It was a little sad that the first people that many of the kids thought of were their teachers, after school ladies and friends’ mums.  Whatever happened to mum and dad, grandma and grandad and aunties and uncles!  Anyway…

After the talk the children were fingerprinted by the police…hopefully the only time they’ll ever have that happen…hehehe…given stamps and activity sheets to take home.



My boys thought it was a great morning and carted their fingerprint cards with them everywhere they went.  You know, just in case it was called for while we were shopping at Kmart or Woolies.  You never know when a thing like that could come in handy.



Look at the look on his face!

I’d really like to be able to take the boys on an excursion to the police station.  I’ve never been inside a police station either…probably a good thing.

We were actually booked to join a group on such a trip several years back but our car broke down on the way there and the boys have never forgotten that they missed out.   So by hook or by crook (well hopefully not by crook) I’ll get the boys to the police station sometime before the end of their schooling.

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Posted by on September 21, 2010 in Field Trips


One response to “A Police Talk

  1. Khris

    September 21, 2010 at 7:27 pm

    Sounds like a great talk…. here in NSW they have a police open day once a year and they have tours of the station.


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