Puppy Preparations

24 Sep

Tomorrow our little puppy guest will be arriving so we’ve spent the morning puppy proofing the house – putting away anything tiny he might try to eat, moving things he might decide to chew or piddle on, blocking off areas with electrical cords, vacuuming all the dusty areas he might decide to crawl into and working out how to barricade him out of the lounge area where our new leather lounge lives.  All of this for one little ball of fur.

The boys are incredibly excited…although a little less now that I shared the news that it’ll be their responsibility to clean up puddles and worse.   That took the edge off their glee.  But that’s the facts of caring for a puppy.  They can’t expect to have all of the fun and none of the responsibility.

Puppy Pablo’s Mummy has already packed his weekend suitcase.  He’s apparently arriving with all manner of toys, blankets, his jumper (in case it’s cold…and I shave his God given jumper off I suppose), Daddy’s shirt for scent, treats, leash, bedding, and a cd player!  Apparently Puppy Pablo requires music to sleep.  I thought we were “dog” sitting but perhaps I got the details wrong!

Well I best get back to my puppy proofing.  I’ve got to get the ironing done so I can move the ironing board to close my laundry door.   Too many dangerous things in the laundry for a little puppy.

IMG_9538 (Medium)

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Posted by on September 24, 2010 in Family Life


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