Our Homeschool Photo Book

18 Nov

For my homeschool records I keep a weekly journal of our activities. I also include a LOT of photos. A pictures speaks a thousand words and all that.

But I’ve discovered that those pictures are a valuable part of my recording. Not only do they reassure me that we’re doing more than enough, they are also a wonderful tool for sharing with non-homeschoolers.

When we first started homeschooling not all of our family were keen on the idea. While they held their tongues politely it wasn’t hard to see that they didn’t understand our choice.

Then at the end of our first term we shared our “Term 1” journal with them. They were clearly impressed and reassured. I remember one family member saying to their husband, “Look how much they’ve done!” as though they hadn’t expected much to be happening at all. From that day forward they’ve not raised an eyebrow about our homeschooling.

So this year as gifts I have made a Homeschool Photo Book to give to family members. I’m sure it’ll be a hit with them. A book full of photos of my little men and a homeschooling promotional tool at the same time!


It’s quite the volume at 200 pages. Hey, I have lots of photos and we’ve done a LOT of stuff.

Collecting the photos and putting the book together was quite a task. But it was well worth it. Flicking through the pages I can see that we’ve come a long way. Our wheels might seem like they are spinning some days but we are moving forward nicely.


And family members will be able to see that our boys have had more opportunities than most kids in school. Actually they might start to wonder if we’re ever home. Hehehe.


But they’ll be able to see the boys working and get a picture of what our day looks like (and why I’m not always available to chat in the middle of the day).


They’ll be able to see the smiles on the boys’ faces as they do hands on activities where they don’t have to beg for a turn with a waving hand in the air.


I know. I have high hopes for this photo book.

But to be honest I LOVE this book already.

It’s a walk down our homeschooling lane so far and in years to come it’ll be such a treasure to us.


I can’t stop flicking through it…loving my little men and loving my handiwork. Hehehe.

Feel free to use my gift idea on your relatives too. I think it’s a grand idea…if I must say so myself. Hehehe.


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2 responses to “Our Homeschool Photo Book

  1. Roberta

    November 19, 2010 at 1:49 pm

    This would be a great resource for new home schoolers who like to look at pictures to visualize what happens in a home school. See a publisher, it would do really well!

  2. Tracey

    November 19, 2010 at 4:23 pm

    I actually made a shortened version a few years ago that I use just like this. I get a lot of new homeschoolers contacting me regarding homeschool. So I made a small book showing what homeschooling looks like because you can’t imagine how many people have asked to come and spend the morning or afternoon watching how we homeschool. Heheheeh. So I tried to put our homeschool day in a book. It’s only 40 pages and I added words to it, unlike this new book. I called it, “Homeschooling…What does it look like?”. Then on each page I wrote things like, “It’s children completing bookwork…but not always at the table”. So for this double page spread I had four pictures of the boys doing bookwork at the table and four on the opposite page of them sprawled out on the floor or bed or couch doing bookwork. We had pages for everything I could think of that we might do – hands on math activities, real life writing, experimenting and exploring, creating and designing, playing learning games, using technology, trying new things and learning new skills, appreciating nature, field trips, life skills, socialising, and enjoying being together as a family. My final line was, “It’s children learning at home and in the real world”. It’s been a wonderful tool to have to show new homeschoolers. It just expands their perception of homeschooling as well as reassuring them that their children will have a lot of experiences, probably a LOT more than school kids, if they are prepared to get out there and make it happen.

    Hey, I’m not opposed to publishing it. Publishers – here I am! Hehehehe.


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