Resources For Learning More About Mt Everest

18 Nov

We’ve been reading about India since the beginning of the Commonwealth Games.

So naturally we’ve moved onto reading and learning about the Himalayan Mountain range, in particular Mt Everest.

Today we read “The Top of the World:  Climbing Mount Everest”.


We really enjoyed it.

The content was perfect for the age of my children and we were equally impressed with the collaged illustrations.  I had to buy this one as the library had very little that a person would want to sink their teeth into.

One book the library did have that we’re thoroughly enjoying, and one which I was a bit dubious about at first, was “Everest Kills”  from the “It’s True” series.  After reading only the first 4 chapters I can say that we give it a definite thumbs up!!  Lots of information but not dry or dull at all.


We are SOOOO enjoying learning about Mt Everest.  I honestly thought the topic would be a tad boring but trudged into it anyway.

I need to learn to forget my own school experiences.  Mt Everest is fascinating and so are the people who climb this grand mountain.

This afternoon the boys and I were glued to the screen watching a documentary about climbing Mt Everest.  (At present Hubby is watching the dvd!)  On the dvd you meet Edmund Hillary’s and Tenzing Norgay’s sons who you follow as they climb to the Mt Everest summit.   There’s also lots of footage of their father’s expeditions and other historical climbs.  Such a great dvd!!


Now I could have made the boys write about what they had learned but if you’d heard my boys running like wild things in the yard this afternoon, you’ll understand why there was no need.  I was sitting talking to hubby on the lounge, when I heard one boy go screaming passed the door, “Avalanche!”  and then, “Keep moving or you’ll get frostbite”.   They were climbing up and over the slide, bunkering down in the trampoline during “storms”, and moving from base camp up to the death zone and then onto the summit of course.  It was waaaaay better than any narration.

And the bonus…all that mountain climbing tired out my little explorers and they fell asleep much earlier than normal!!  Perhaps preparing for an early start on their expeditions tomorrow.

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One response to “Resources For Learning More About Mt Everest

  1. alyson

    January 20, 2012 at 8:01 pm

    Fabulous! I love the Himalayas, have trekked there and would love to take my boys. Can’t wait to do this topic with them! There is a brilliant book by Tensing Norgay’s son about his father, mentions yeti that would get them excited! Love the book and DVD recommendations. There is just too much cool stuff in the world that i want them to know about!


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