Homeschooling on $100 – Is it possible?

20 Nov

Recently on a forum I enjoy reading, a question was posed, “What would you buy for homeschooling if you only had $100 to spend…and the basics like paper and stationery were covered?”

Oh boy.  Only $100! Panic stations. First thought – how else can I make more money?!!!!!

Personally if it were me, I would be moving money around in the budget. To us education comes in on par with eating – food for the brain. Surely there’s some way to secure more than $100 for the whole year. And pleeeease tell me this is PER child!

Okay, so my first reaction is disbelief, shock, terror…I think it would take some time for such a trauma to pass enough to allow me to think straight.

$100 huh…okay…well…Internet access is vital if I have very little else. With the internet I could homeschool.  But $100 isn’t going to cover my internet access for the year. In which case I would have to look into places like the library or a family member where I could access the internet. In which case I would have to use some of my budget on printing costs. Thank goodness basics like paper are included.

Hmmm…what else? Well perhaps a cheap Math textbook. Not necessarily a cream of the crop choice but just a school textbook to act as a spine for our studies. From there I can jump off into other topics and keep us on task.

I would probably also buy our Story of the World reader to keep us on track with our history studies. Once again I could use it as our jumping off point. Sadly I wouldn’t be able to purchase the great living books I do now to compliment our studies. I would be forced to rely on the library and there’s no doubt in my mind that our studies would suffer as a result. Hopefully this theoretic, restrictive budget would only be for a short period.

For Science I think we would be fine as it’s relatively easy to set up unit studies on Science topics using the library and internet. For the year that there was only $100 we could focus on topics that didn’t require much equipment.

In Language, we could cope fairly easily on a limited budget. Using IEW in writing I have the skills I need (for the moment anyway) to continue what we are doing without additional resources. And reading is possible with the library alone, although we’d have to become less choosey and more wordly. And there are stacks of language resources on the internet.

What else do we need? Bible is easy. We have the bible and that’s all we need. Art…hmmm…well if we have pencils and paper we’ll have to use those I suppose. Music…eek… if you are learning an instrument you are in strife. Thankfully for us that’s not our inclination. We’d be happy reading books on composers and listening to cds from the library. Sport…well there wouldn’t be any more swimming lessons…unless a friend could teach the boys in their home pool. We’d have to spend our time walking, riding, chucking a ball around at the park. That sort of stuff, which is pretty much all we do aside from swimming lessons anyway.

Okay so let’s recap. I’ve, theoretically, purchased a cheap Math text, a Story of the World reader (hopefully secondhand!), and paid for some printing. The printing over the year would probably use most of my budget if we’re talking realistically.

$100 doesn’t go far does it? I can only just fill the petrol tank for a little under $100!!

What would you do with $100 for the year, after you’d thrown a fit and begged for more of course??


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3 responses to “Homeschooling on $100 – Is it possible?

  1. Monique

    November 21, 2010 at 8:37 am

    I recently read the book “Homeschool your child for free” It had so much helpful information that we are now using. We are a low income family and can’t spend huge amounts on curriculum. Thankfully being part of a homeschool group we can swap things around everyone to try things out so we know if it will work for us before spending a large amount.

  2. Tracey

    November 21, 2010 at 9:14 am

    Curriculum swaps or borrowing from friends would be a great idea.

  3. Linda

    November 21, 2010 at 6:57 pm

    2nd hand shops, too! I’ve picked up a heap of things over the years; old text books, games, even computer games – all for a few cents each! With a bit of effort, you can put together a good curriculum; I often find it’s the old texts from the 50s and 60s that are far superior than many of today’s resources.


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