Training up in the way we “hope” – okay, “insist” – they go

21 Dec

What a beautiful sight!  The only better thing I could imagine would be two boys ironing.

Sorry…got caught up in a bit of a daydream there.

IMG_1632 (Small)

Abandoning the toy mower for the real thing

Yes we bought a push reel mower.  No petrol power, no electric power but real, build up those muscles, boy push power.

And I mean REALLY PUSH!!  It’s not as easy as it looks, let me tell you!!

Daddy has to mow the yard short first as these push mowers are designed for maintaining and NOT for mowing grass that’s got a few inches tall already.  Ideally it’s also more for small yards but hey, I have two boys with plenty of time on their hands and who happen to enjoy the “idea”, at the moment, of mowing the yard.

IMG_1639 (Small)

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