Lamplighter Theatre – Yet Another Fantastic Audio Series

15 Jan

When we were nearing the end of our beloved “Sugar Creek Gang” audio series we were at a lost as to what we would listen to next.  My boys insisted that “the people” will HAVE to make more.  They were quite emphatic about it.

While my grieving heart was feeling the same thing, my logical side went on a hunt at Vision Forum (I mean, where else would you search for good quality audio?!) for another series to fall in love with.

And I found it…well when we purchased them we weren’t sure anything could take the place of our Sugar Creek Gang but I was willing to give them a go.  The boys took a little more coaxing…okay I had to confine them in the car with no other listening options.   It was hard for them to be unfaithful to their Sugar Creek Gang cds.

IMG_2006 (Small)

Admittedly it took me a little while to get into the series too, being a different style to what we were used to with Sugar Creek Gang.  Perhaps my heart was feeling a little disloyal as well.

By track three of the first disc (of “The Basket of Flowers”) we were all hooked – hook, line and sinker.

IMG_2010 (Small)

Lamplighter Theatre is our new love…although there is a dear place in our hearts for Sugar Creek Gang too.

I purchased the whole first season and am so pleased with our purchase.

IMG_2009 (Small)

I don’t think words are going to be sufficient enough to do these audios justice.  They are just so beautiful.  The stories are amazing.  The faith messages are strong and true.  And your hearts will be touched by each of the stories.

IMG_2008 (Small)

I love that the stories are set in historical settings.  This has given us opportunities to discuss life in different times.

IMG_2014 (Small)

But the most valuable element of these cds is their message of light.  I’m delighted that my boys are listening to these stories and will carry them in their hearts and hopefully live by the messages that they’ve heard.

IMG_2012 (Small)

We hadn’t read any of the Lamplighter books (not being available here in Australia) so I had no idea how wonderful the stories were.   I had wanted to try one, and was even given one by our dear pen pal, but just hadn’t gotten around to it yet.  I’ll definitely be looking into starting a collection now.

IMG_2011 (Small)

I’m wondering how the books compare to the audios because the audios are fantastic so my mind boggles and drools at the thought of the books from which they come.

IMG_2013 (Small)

We LOOOOOOVE the Lamplight Theatre audios, even without the books.  And the whole family is deeply in love with our new series.

Our only complaint is that there aren’t enough of them.  We’re going to run out way too quickly and the thought devastates us.  😦

I have noticed that there is already a few titles in Season two…doing a happy dance about this.   Sadly I don’t think the producers will be able to keep up with the way my family is devouring these cds.

We are in love….again.  🙂

This review is because we love the product.  We did not receive these products as any part of a “review for free product” program.


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2 responses to “Lamplighter Theatre – Yet Another Fantastic Audio Series

  1. Elizabeth Wiens

    January 15, 2011 at 9:50 am


    Our family started with the Lamplighter books, and were thrilled when they started developing the audio books. We started getting them one at a time, and my girls waited impatiently as each one was under production. We now have the first two from season two, and the rest on pre-order. We love the books (some more than others) but the girls still prefer to get together at bed time or in the car and listen to the stories together. My eldest daughter got permission from Lamplighter to write a script based on Rosa of Linden Castle, and directed a play with our homeschool group. They all loved the story and getting to act it out. Lamplighter asked for a copy of it in case they could use it as the base for another audio drama. It will be fun to see if they do it.


  2. Tracey

    January 15, 2011 at 11:28 am

    Oh that would be exciting to hear your own story turned into a radio drama that so many others could share.

    You’re just encouraging me more to buy these lamplighter books. Hehehehe.


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