A Homeschooling Bonus

29 Jan

When a family member needs help, as homeschoolers and a stay at home mum, we are always available.  I don’t need to ask my boss permission to have time off and I don’t need to organise for someone to pick the kids up at school.   This is just another benefit of homeschooling.   And it’s a bonus for us as it’s important for my children to be involved in serving others.  Of course my family respects our homeschooling and only asks when they really need help.

So when my Dad asked us to drive him to the airport on Friday we said, “Sure”.

It did mean a bit of driving all around the world – over to Ipswich, into Brisbane and then home to the Gold Coast – but  we had our audio stories to amuse us.

The boys enjoy going to the airport.  They always want to stay and see the plane take off.

28-29 JAN 008 (Small)

When we got home from our journey around the world, taking Grandad to the plane, the boys pulled all of their plane toys out to recreate their airport experience.

28-29 JAN 055 (Small)

It always amuses me to see how their experiences affect their play.  They played at their airport game until showers and bedtime.

28-29 JAN 053 (Small)

So not only did we get an opportunity to serve, we also enjoyed time with Grandad, had lots of time to listen to our audio stories and had an unplanned field trip.

We’re soooo glad we homeschool.

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One response to “A Homeschooling Bonus

  1. shaneshelpmeet

    January 30, 2011 at 2:15 am

    Don’t you LOVE it?!


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