First Day of School’s Plan

30 Jan

Yes our first school day is tomorrow so I sat down tonight and sketched out a plan of how tomorrow’s activities.  Here’s a little preview for you:

* Throw in a load of washing or ten to start the day

*  Make breakfast while the boys review their skip counting patterns and months of the year

*  Have breakfast together while reviewing Latin vocabulary; continent, ocean and significant lines names (add in prime meridian); days in each month poem; Bible verses (add in a new verse); addition facts and learn the first line of the syllabary

*  Get dressed, brush teeth, make beds

*  Do chores together, moving from room to room selecting five things each that needs cleaning or tidying

*  Take first day of school photos

*  Sit down and snuggle up for Bible reading

*  Review the Grammar concepts and skills we learned in Rod and Staff last year (mostly oral but some whiteboard work on diagramming)

*  Work together on a “My First Day of Homeschooling in 2011” worksheet that my friend Susan created and I tweaked for my boys

*  One boy works with me on copywork of sentences in Spelling Wisdom while the other completes the illustrations on his “My First Day” worksheet; then they switch

*  Boys complete a review exercise each in Singapore Math

*  Ethan read aloud a section of his novel to me and then goes and reads more on his own while Brayden reads two of his readers to me

*  Finish up the day by read two to three chapters of our history novel, “Children of the Longhouse”.

It’s not a full day for us but I think it’ll sufficiently warm up our brains…mine at least.   We might need to add a nana-nap in there somewhere.  Hehehehe.  Oh yeah and several rebootings of the washing machine and hanging laundry if the sky plays fair.

Just a few things to print so I better go and do that before the new day is upon me.


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2 responses to “First Day of School’s Plan

  1. Atha School For Boys

    January 31, 2011 at 12:07 am

    Hope the first day back goes well for you!

  2. Bernadette

    January 31, 2011 at 1:01 am

    Hope it goes smoothly, am hoping we recieve our long awaited parcel tomorrow so we can ‘officially’ start on wednesday perhaps? because of DH’s FIFO roster we have decided mon/tues is our weekend. we have only half heartedly been doing any thing since i told them we were starting on the 5th jan, but we have managed to read the first chapter of SOTW though, and done a few things along with that – so that’s a bonus, must remember to officially register them tomorrow too 😉


    PS FIFO means fly in/fly out in case you wondered.


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