Snap Shots of Our First Week Back

08 Feb

Here’s a little glimpse into our first week.

IMG_2329 (Small)

I spent ages painting this map of Europe over the weekend because we’re memorising all of the European countries so I wanted a clear map with no names.  I’m thinking that we’ll colour each one as we learn it which means I should have already coloured Italy, Switzerland, France, Spain and Portugal.   We’re doing STACKS of memorising this year.

IMG_0160 (Small)

We had our first swimming lessons for the year.   Yes we do bookwork beside the pool as we wait.

IMG_2288 (Small)

Oh yes, our week was rudely interrupted by Cyclone Yasi…well not personally.  (All family and friends are safe but sick of living without electricity.)  So for school we read a LOT about cyclones.  “When Tracy Came For Christmas” was our favourite book.  (Tracy was a cyclone that flattened Darwin in 1974).

IMG_2371 (Small)

We learned about levers.  Well I “tried” to teach them something new but it seems that they already knew all about them from watching “The Way Things Work” dvds.  But they happily did the activities anyway.

IMG_2368 (Small)

They particularly liked creating levers to lift all sorts of things, testing out the effort required for short and long levers.

IMG_2376 (Small)

Then instead of just gluing in the pretty pictures of levers…my original plan…we sorted the lever examples according to 1st, 2nd and 3rd class levers.  Luckily I read all about them in Janice VanCleave’s “Simple Machines” book the night before.  The boys knew what they were doing though so they held my hand through it and taught me lots.  Hehe.

IMG_0187 (Small)

Every day both of my boys read to me.  This is a non-negotiable in our house.  Brayden read his phonic readers to me and Ethan read a chapter of his novel out loud to us and then silently read a chapter as well.

IMG_2161 (Small)

Ethan also spent ages reading computer manuals and whatever other manual he could lay his hands on.

IMG_2341 (Small)

We got stuck into our Singapore Math lessons too.

IMG_2309 (Small)

I love seeing little men ploughing through my favourite subject.

IMG_2303 (Small)

We’ve been really good with copywork too.  This year I’m making a point of keeping a close eye on letter formation.  Since neither of my boys have aspirations to be doctors we need to work on their legibility.   (Well I KNOW Ethan will do something with computers but I haven’t pinpointed what I think Brayden might do yet.  So maybe he will be a doctor.)

IMG_2310 (Small)

We jumped back into writing with IEW (Institute for Excellence in Writing) with not a complaint from my little author.  Miracle!!

IMG_2347 (Small)

This was his first piece for the year.

IMG_2230 (Small)

We read aloud a LOT…as usual.  We finished reading “Children of the Longhouse” and absolutely loved the author’s style of writing.

IMG_2317 (Small)

And we started reading “Soft Rain”.  We’re already 8 chapters in and on the seat of our chairs.

We’re part the way through week two and really getting into our groove now.  We love homeschooling.


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2 responses to “Snap Shots of Our First Week Back

  1. Bernadette

    February 9, 2011 at 2:15 pm

    oh yay!! We are still warming up and trying to get into full swing. After a hiccup with the original plans, i am now waiting on some more parcels to arrive, but things seem to be going swimmingly :), I’m still trying to get a post organised, can’t wait to share it 🙂


  2. Jen in NSW

    February 10, 2011 at 4:59 pm

    You may enjoy quizzing your boys with this one later. The Europe one was on page 2 of 3 if this isn’t a direct link.

    Best wishes
    Jen in NSW


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