The Death of the Bookstores

18 Feb


It’s a sad, sad day.

Two of Australia’s major bookstores are on the brink of death.

Okay, I don’t care a thing about one of them.  Their books are “popular” and “trashy”.

But the other…if you dug deep you could find a few treasures there.

Admittedly there has been less and less treasures to find over the past year or so.

I feared, since the two are linked, that “popular” literature was taking over and “real” literature was losing the battle.

As a loyal book buyer I could never resist the urge to browse, just in case there was one sole treasure waiting to be found.

So I will be sad if/when the stores close.

Today we were in a bit of a panic though.

We had over a $100 worth of gift vouchers waiting to be used!!

First thing this morning we drove to our nearest store and spent a couple of hours digging deep in their shelves looking for books worthy of space on our shelves.

The first store, my preference of the two, honoured our vouchers with no questions.  They even asked if we’d like to use our $5 loyalty voucher.  Why of course we did!

We also had a 40% off coupon if we purchased more than 4 books.  This was no problem for the staff either.  However it did present us with an additional challenge…more books to select.

In the second store, one I can easily walk past, we had issues.  We quickly found a book.  We actually found two we were deciding between.  However, when we took our selection and voucher to the counter we were informed that since the store was “under administration” they could no longer honour vouchers.  Phooey!

BUT they would honour them IF you spent an equal amount to the voucher value in the store.   Since we were already attached to our selection we just decided to purchase the other book we were also considering.   A minor hiccup for us as our voucher in that store was only worth $11.

So today was a HUGE book day for us.

IMG_2608 (Small)

Oh and on our doorstep when we came home was another parcel of books.

IMG_2611 (Small)

Huge book day is really an understatement.

So now I’m really going to have to get stuck into my bookshelf clean out this weekend to make sure there’s space on my shelves for these new books.

Look at what I’ve already parted with:

IMG_2475 (Small)

Looks like I’ve got a big weekend ahead of me!  All of these books to be moved and still books to sort through and move into new shelf locations.    My motivation is nice orderly shelves…hopefully at the end of the weekend.

At least I’ll be safe from book buying urges out at the store…there’ll be hardly any bookstores left to buy from!!

Thank goodness for Book Depository and Amazon.  My preference for book buying anyway.


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5 responses to “The Death of the Bookstores

  1. Bernadette

    February 19, 2011 at 12:54 am

    I noticed the ‘fair dinkum histories’ book.
    Have you read them before? I’ve always avoided them because i assumed they were like those awful ‘horrible histories’ series?

    Are they any good?……lol they must be ok, i can’t imagine you buying them if they were rubbish after your big purge 🙂


  2. Tracey

    February 19, 2011 at 9:15 am

    Well I can’t tell you yet. I’ve had the series for ages but yet haven’t read it. I’m hoping it’s okay. Jackie French is a talented author ALTHOUGH see ascribes to the usual “popular” author code of “modern kids expect a bit of inappropriateness – it’s the norm”. In JF’s books it’s usually a hint of something lewd so I’ll have to re-read all of her stuff to decide which things can be read aloud and have it skipped and which things are just out of the question nowadays. I’m hoping that she didn’t have much of an occasion to add it to her history books. She’s a talented historian so it would be such a shame if she stuffed these up. I’ll be reading them later this year so I can let you know.

    Horrible Histories – well I fell into that trap when there were first introduced to Australia. I bought the whole set of the magazines. It cost me a fortune but it was in my “pre-enlightened” days. I’m still battling with myself over what to do with them. My heart and brain knows, but my hip pocket says, “you must be mad”. The thing is I was mad – mad to buy them. Maybe I can sell them to an un-enlightened person…but is that ethical. Hmmm…

  3. Elsa

    February 20, 2011 at 3:00 pm

    Ah…i have a gift certificate which I was hoping to use on-line. Can’t. 😦 Disappointed. Although…the prices all so much more than I would pay if buying myself. Guess that’s why they’re going under!

  4. Tracey

    February 20, 2011 at 3:16 pm

    Perhaps something good will come of the collapse…a bigger, better, cheaper bookstore. I can dream…

  5. Elsa

    February 21, 2011 at 7:52 am

    me too!


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