Another Push/Pull Spring Activity

22 Feb

The boys didn’t let me forget my promise to do another Simple Machine activity this week.

Here’s the activity I promised and delivered:

IMG_2678 (Small)

First we measured the effort to lift the load without the lever.

IMG_2672 (Small)

The boys then set up a 1st class lever and measured the effort, which was less than lifting the load without the lever.

IMG_2674 (Small)

Next up was a second class lever, with the load in the middle.  It required a little more effort than the 1st class lever.

IMG_2675 (Small)

And lucky last was the 3rd class lever.  Woah!  It took some effort to lift this load!

(No we weren’t holding the fulcrum when we measured the effort.  I was worried about the load crashing to the ground while I snapped the photo.)

IMG_2676 (Small)

So there you go.  Science complete for the week…okay the day…we enjoy it so much we do Science quite regularly  🙂 .

Oh do you want a nifty trick for remembering which sort of lever is which?

Okay you twisted my arm.

Just remember F.L.E.

F for fulcrum.

L for load

and E for effort.

If the fulcrum (F) is in the middle it’s a 1st class lever.

If the load (L) is in the middle it’s a 2nd class lever.

And if the effort (E) is in the middle it’s a 3rd class lever.

See! F.L.E.

Clear as mud?!

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