A Day at GOMA (Gallery of Modern Art)

24 Feb

We spent the morning at the Gallery of Modern Art (known to Brisbanites as GOMA).

They have the most wonderful exhibitions for children.  If you have never been you simply must go!

IMG_2719 (Small)

We almost didn’t make it when we couldn’t find a carpark.  This area all went under in the recent floods and many of the underground carparks are still closed so parking is like gold – a rare treat.

Thankfully Ethan spotted a sign that led us to additional parking INSIDE the Convention Centre.  This is the same room where the Lifeline Booksale is held.  Ethan was tickled pink by such an unusual event.

IMG_2718 (Small)

The main reason for our GOMA visit was to visit the Lego exhibit.

When the boys were much younger we visited this exhibit on the Gold Coast with a homeschool group.

Visiting by ourselves was so much better.  We were able to sit and build for well over an hour without being hurried along.

IMG_2721 (Small)

Amongst all of the wonderful creations it was hard not to be inspired.

IMG_2727 (Small)

Ethan was horrified to see someone pull the top off one of these gorgeous buildings.  I was feeling a little that way myself.  Rule-breakers frustrate me too.

IMG_2741 (Small)

The boys’ creation morphed into a collaborative effort.

IMG_2747 (Small)

Each boy added their own ideas and designs…

IMG_2739 (Small)

until it had grown to epic proportions.

IMG_2768 (Small)

They were very pleased with their contribution to the display.

IMG_2770 (Small)

Behind the Lego exhibit was a wishing wall.

On many individual ribbons wishes were written.  Each person could select a wish that appealed to them and replace it with their own wish, written on a square of paper, rolled up and returned to the wall.

IMG_2774 (Small)

These are the wishes we selected.  Can you pick mine?!!  Hehehehe.

IMG_2864 (Small)

Brayden’s wish to leave in the wall was, “I wish there were balloons everywhere”.

IMG_2773 (Small)

And can you believe it?!!!!  GOMA provided!!!!

We had no idea.

It’s a balloon room!!

Five people at a time could walk around in it for several minutes.  It was unreal.  I’d have loved a photo inside but I didn’t dare let my boys’ hands go for fear of losing them in there.  Heheheh.  The threat was so real they make you wear a number as you go in so they know if someone is missing.  Hehehehe.  What a way to go…lost forever in a sea of purple balloons.

IMG_2805 (Small)

In another exhibit we were given video camera glasses so you could record you own “Art Documentary”.

IMG_2796 (Small)

When you returned the glasses they downloaded the footage for you to watch on the screens.

You could even email it to yourself.

Ethan loves GOMA because they often appeal to his techie side.

IMG_2800 (Small)

And for the thrill seekers there were super slides.

Yes IN the ART Gallery.

Well it’s kind of visually cool.

Of course my boys had several rides and would have had more if I wasn’t sick of racing up and down three storeys of the gallery to drop off the boys and then retrieve them at the bottom.

IMG_2812 (Small)

(For those planning to visit, the littlies have to be over 110cm tall to be allowed to slide.)

IMG_2811 (Small)

The bottom level of GOMA is still closed to the public after the floods so the children’s exhibits were spread throughout the gallery.  In our efforts to find them we saw a lot of other “art” works that we wouldn’t normally have seen.

I say “art” because, truly, how can this Chinese Corner Store set up be art.

I loved Brayden’s response, “I’m confused”.

IMG_2790 (Small)

Brayden’s appraisal of this “art” work, “But it’s just a stack of cardboard boxes!!”

IMG_2789 (Small)

Or this, “HUH??”

IMG_2787 (Small)

I must say on many occasions I agreed with him.  It is visually interesting but… is there talent required??  I”m not so sure.  Time to waste??  Oh most definitely.

IMG_2786 (Small)

Having said that we enjoyed our day out at GOMA.

It always inspires us and I do highly recommend a visit.


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4 responses to “A Day at GOMA (Gallery of Modern Art)

  1. April

    February 25, 2011 at 8:37 am

    Wow, GOMA looks wonderful! I had no idea… This is definitely high on our list of places to visit. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Atha School For Boys

    February 25, 2011 at 10:19 am

    Incredible! Loved the lego tables. Wow, my boys would be in heaven! Glad you have such great opportunities of which to take advantage.

  3. Elsa

    February 25, 2011 at 11:19 am

    Looks like GOMA is worth a visit when we’re in Brisbane. Thanks for sharing. What amazes me is how quiet it seems. You guys picked the perfect time to visit…you had the place to yourselves!

  4. Tracey

    February 25, 2011 at 1:54 pm

    During the school week is the best time to visit touristy places. You only have school groups to contend with then, although that’s not always fun. Since the Art Gallery only just reopened after the floods the school group numbers were way down…thankfully. Hehehe.


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