City of Ember…our new audio story

12 Mar

Yes we’re still listening to Lamplighter Radio Dramas but while we wait for more to be produced we’ve been listening to “City of Ember“.  And oh it is a GREAT story.  We’re hooked.  I heard about it on a homeschool forum.  I don’t remember which one.  I checked it out and was intrigued by the storyline and since we were studying electricity it was all very well timed.

IMG_0129 (Small)

I think I can safely say that this might be one of the boys’ new favourites.  They will not talk during it and heaven help anyone else who considers such a thing.  Several times as we’ve pulled into the garage (we only ever listen in the car) the boys have begged to be allowed to sit in the car and listen further.  It doesn’t help that it seems that we are always finishing our car journeys on the cliff hanging point (literary speaking of course…hehe).

Last week we finished “City of Ember” and started on book 2, “People of Sparks”.  To hear how the story ended we looked for every excuse possible to get in the car to listen more.  “You need a lift?  Sure!”  “You need a few things from the store?  We’ll pick them up.”  We were in the car as often as possible!  🙂

Then we watched the movie based on the novel.  It was pretty good too.  We’re huge movie critics, always looking for things they change, add, remove and improve on.  Neither boy would ever dream of watching the movie before hearing the story.  We’ve watched a lot of book-based-movies and, so far, none have met the benchmark that their book set.  Ethan said it best when he said, “The movie ruins his imaginings of the story”.  But we’re not opposed to checking them out after we’ve read the book.

IMG_0130 (Small)

So if you’re after a new audio story we highly recommend “City of Ember”.  If you have a recommendation of your own we’d love to hear it.   It won’t be long before we need another title to enjoy.



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