Poor Little Plants

22 Mar

Green thumb?  Nope, you can’t get a bigger black thumb than mine.

Plants wilt as I pass by.

So these little plants that Brayden begged to buy and grow, effectively have only a very short time to live.

IMG_0301 (Small)

From Bunnings we bought home a dear little pink carnation plant…poor thing.

IMG_0302 (Small)

Brayden specifically requested a strawberry plant…poor thing.

IMG_0305 (Small)

I was partial to this lavender plant but if I truly loved it I should have spared its life…poor thing.

IMG_0304 (Small)

Brayden also wanted a watermelon plant…poor thing.

IMG_0303 (Small)

And then, because we didn’t have enough plants to kill, we planted some bean seeds to watch them sprout…poor things.

IMG_0306 (Small)

I’m doing my best to stay far away from the little plants.  It’s their best chance of survival.

Not that the boys would let me take over the highly desirable task of watering the plants anyway.  🙂

IMG_0311 (Small)

They are very serious about this chore.

They’ve also talked me into potting mix, pots and seeds….more victims.   Poor things.

IMG_0308 (Small)

But it’s all in the name of education

and fun

and responsibility.

IMG_0309 (Small)

Perhaps I haven’t passed on my black thumb genes to my boys.

I can only hope.  Hehehehe.


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3 responses to “Poor Little Plants

  1. Missy

    March 23, 2011 at 3:01 pm

    Get in the car and go straight to the fruit store. Ask for a couple of broccoli boxes (the white foam ones). Then go to Bunnings and get 2 bags of good potting mix and 2 bags of compost as well as a bottle of seaweed fertilizer.
    Go home and poke a few holes in the SIDE of the boxes (I just do it on one side of the box so it doesn’t leak everywhere) about 2 inches from the bottom – NOT in the bottom!!! Mix a bag of potting mix and compost in each box. Plant your plants in the boxes and water them with the seaweed fertilizer.
    You will have a little reservoir of water in the bottom of the box for when you forget to water the plants.
    Your little plants will never survive in those little pots. Please get them some broccoli boxes and let them live!
    Who knows, you might even have success and be inspired to grow some lettuce or carrots or something! Yum!

  2. Tracey

    March 23, 2011 at 6:20 pm

    Oh do I need compost as well as potting mix? We bought the potting mix. Over the weekend we’re replanting in an attempt to save their lives.

    Oh what does partial sun mean? Does it mean a shadier area or part of the day in the sun? The partial shade plants are looking decidedly unhappy.

    The strawberry plant is the only thing looking frisky and fresh. We’ll have to get more of them. Obviously they are hardy and black thumb proof. Black thumb proof should be a symbol they add to those information tags on the pots.

  3. Missy

    March 24, 2011 at 10:13 am

    Compost will give your potting mix some nutrients, you could go without it … but it’s only a few dollars so I’d add it in.
    Partial sun probably means a little light shade, but I wouldn’t think any of the plants in the photos would be wilting in this weather. They should all do well in sun. Are you over watering them??? Lavendar doesn’t like too much water. Your watermelons look like they need some feeding (compost – seaweed solution).
    Make sure you put them in big pots. Little pots are death traps for plants. They dry out too fast.
    Good luck!


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