The Garden – Plant Saving Surgery

29 Mar

The brawn

IMG_0397 (Small)

The brawn-in-training

IMG_0401 (Small)

The supervisor…one always needs one

IMG_0408 (Small)

Plant saving supplies

IMG_0421 (Small)

The patients to be saved

IMG_0427 (Small)

The “Hopefuls”…hopefully they grow

IMG_0428 (Small)

The gardening containers

IMG_0409 (Small)

The location – the sunniest spot in the yard

IMG_0431 (Small)

Adding the plant saving soil and compost

IMG_0418 (Small)

Leveling out the soil with their gardening tools

IMG_0414 (Small)

Brawn-in-training learning how to manage a shovel.

IMG_0426 (Small)

The supervisor not wanting to miss the fun

IMG_0430 (Small)

The mint and lavender settling into their roomier accommodation

IMG_0433 (Small)

The carnations loving their bigger pots and less sunny location.

IMG_0442 (Small)

Adding the “hopefuls” to their gardens

IMG_0436 (Small)

The green bucket is our seaweed fertiliser mixture.  Stinky stuff!

IMG_0437 (Small)

Surveying their work and clearing up the mess

IMG_0439 (Small)

Waiting to enjoy more beauties like this

IMG_0449 (Small)

Praying and waiting….

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One response to “The Garden – Plant Saving Surgery

  1. Missy

    March 29, 2011 at 9:09 pm

    Like… Like… Like… 😉


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