ABC Schools Television

04 Apr

My boys enjoy watching to learn so I make full use of Australia’s “ABC Schools Television” programs.  There are some great programs available for educators to use.

During the week we watch:

Backyard Science

Science Clips

Numbers Count


Behind the News

Behind the News Specials

My Place

There are lots of others programs (you can check them out on these wallcharts – primary and secondary), these are just our current favourites.

We don’t watch them live though as I don’t allow the boys to watch or use any technology that early in the day.  I find TV turns the brain to mush early in the day…probably later in the day too but we can tolerate it better later.

We are very blessed to have a hard drive recording device that is so easy to use.  I’ve set it to tape the programs we want to watch and we watch them when it suits us…which is usually around 2 to 3pm when we’re ready to start winding down for the day.  This is also a great time for us as many of these programs inspire the boys to experiment, explore or discuss so it’s the perfect time to let my little men loose with the rest of their afternoons.

Some of these programs also have their own websites with teaching resources, online activities and printables.  They are often worth a look as well.

These are the websites that are linked with our favourites:

My Place

Behind the News


Number Count

Science Clips

So don’t overlook free resources like these.  They are great curriculum supplements, a more productive use of tv time than afternoon cartoons and they are FREE.  Gotta love that!  We do.



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2 responses to “ABC Schools Television

  1. April

    April 5, 2011 at 7:24 am

    My kids really enjoy watching the ABC programs. I record them also. When I get a chance, I will have a look at the teaching resources on their site. I totally agree with the ‘no TV in the morning’ approach. I can’t get them away from the TV once it’s on so it just ruins the day for us…

  2. Tracey

    April 5, 2011 at 9:10 am

    I find there is some process that occurs with the withdrawal of the tv that leads to squabbling and grumpiness. It happens whether they choose to turn the tv off or whether I do it. I call the tv – “the box” short for “idiot box” but of course I don’t use that not nice word out loud but when I refer to “the box” the sentiment is there. 🙂 It can be a good tool in wise hands, but out of control it’s a dangerous weapon I reckon.


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