Little Chickies

05 Apr

Today we headed down to Daddy’s school where each class has a Henny Penny Hatching experience set up.  We also took friends to share the experience with them.  Something nice is always nicer when shared I think.

For the very first time we were blessed with the arrival of a brand new baby chick.  Amazingly, over the many years we’ve visited the chickens, we’ve never managed to catch a chick hatch and emerge from its shell.  We’ve always been too early or too late.  But this year we were right on time!

The computer was placed next to the incubator to take time lapse video of the chicken hatching.

IMG_0643 (Small)

IMG_0645 (Small)

Here he comes!

IMG_0648 (Small)

It looked like hard work.

IMG_0649 (Small)

IMG_0651 (Small)

He’s here!  Or is he a she?

IMG_0653 (Small)

Either way he looks pooped.

IMG_0655 (Small)

Scruffy looking fellow, isn’t he?

IMG_0657 (Small)

He improves with time.

IMG_0682 (Small)

By tomorrow morning he’ll look more like this handsome fluffy fellow.

IMG_0670 (Small)

Once the little chickie is nice and fluffy it’ll be moved to the chickie playpen with its siblings

IMG_0696 (Small)

where children can hold and love them to the point where their eyeballs nearly pop out

IMG_0646 (Small)

Fear not.   I played mother hen over the little chickies and rescued them when need be.

And now for your reviewing pleasure – the time lapse footage of Mr Chickie’s Hatching.  It’s a little fast at the end but you get the general drift.

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One response to “Little Chickies

  1. Kelly

    April 7, 2011 at 4:33 am

    Here were my thoughts as I scrolled through…
    aww..ewww!……awww! So cute.. 🙂


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