Making Tracks – Historical Fiction Titles for Young Readers

22 Apr

I forgot I had these little readers, from a collection called “Making Tracks”, and thought I’d point them out to you in case you were unfamiliar with them.


It’s a collection of Australian historical fiction books aimed at younger readers looking for easier chapter books to read.

Each book is inspired by an object from the National Museum of Australia.  This is where I first saw these books and where I purchased several.  I really liked the story plots for each of these.

I only have four in the series at present and am undecided about whether I will purchase more.   I really do want to love them more but I just can’t embrace them wholeheartedly.  Because they are aimed at younger readers they have had to be simplified and shortened for the intended audience.  So reading them is like reading a phonic reader…the text meets the intended skill level but leaves you feeling totally unsatisfied with the story at the end.

Younger readers may enjoy reading them but I don’t think they will do much for their historical knowledge.  Hopefully they’d make readers want to know more about the time period and they could go and find more fulfilling books.

To be fair they are suited for their intended purpose and audience.  They just aren’t books that you could get lost in.

It’s quite likely that I won’t purchase any more of these books.  I’d be just as happy to borrow these books from the library and save the space on my shelves for books that we’re more passionate about…books that inspire us and allow us to step into a time period for a good look around, rather than a fleeting glimpse.

But if you’re looking for Aussie flavoured chapter books  for your readers then these might be just what you were looking for.











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