Term One Thoughts and Review

28 Apr

What worked in our home this term? What was our focus for the term?

Our focus was memorisation this term.  It’s the thing I wanted to do more of and to add to our already working things.  It worked REALLY well and I’m very pleased with our progress.  We’ll definitely be adding more to our memorising repertoire.  We’re going to try poems next term.

Oh and I also solved our spelling issues.  I tried all the big name programs and none of them really worked.  They just took up time and lots of money.  Then I tried a simple thing that Andrew Pudewa suggested – oral spelling quizzes.  I added them to our daily memorising schedule.  Voila!  The solution.  Quick.  Easy.  Free.  And best of all it works MUCH better than the other stuff we tried.  So spelling is fixed.  Tick!

What didn’t work or flow? What were our struggles?

So I’ve solved our memory and spelling issues.  Now to correct the boys’ doctor scrawl handwriting.  Copywork isn’t working and we’ve done it for a few years now.  It’s just reinforcing their bad habits.  So we’re going to try something new next term.  Something a friend is experimenting with.  I’ll let you know how it turns out.  I’m hopeful.

Places we went: People we saw: (Excursions and activities)

Hmmm let’s see.  Well we had scheduled quite a few things early on in the year but they were all canceled due to the floods.  Bummer.  But that’s okay, I found time to let my homeschooled children out of the closet several times this term.  Yes, I know.  Shock.  Horror.  We’ve gallivanted off to the Gallery of Modern Art (loved it), popped into the Science Centre more than once (we were there again today and have renewed our annual passes!) and caught a play at the Gold Coast Arts Centre (and booked another one!).  We’ve had one to two playdates every week and occasionally a third, the social butterflies that we are, with the dearest of people you could ever hope to meet.  Gosh, add in ordinary stuff like appointments, swimming lessons, groceries and weekly library visits you might get the picture  that we’re never home.   Rest assured, we are home most of the week and we love it that way.

A highlight of this term was:

Only one highlight?  Could be hard to choose.  I think the whole family would have to say listening to many great audio books.  This term we’ve continued to adore the Lamplighter Radio Dramas and completed the City of Ember series.  Currently we’re falling in love with the “Father and I Were Ranchers” series.  These audio books were definitely the highlight of our term…in fact our year!

I am thankful for:

What’s not to be thankful for!  Even the seemingly difficult things can lead to something to be thankful for.  See the possibility to be thankful in everything I say.  But for one thing from this term to be thankful for I’d choose a son who reads for pleasure each night.  Yahoo!!  Recently he’s been polishing off a novel a night!! I kid you not.  This child devours books.

I am looking forward to:

Learning! New topics, new books, new skills.  New terms are exciting, even if a small part of us wants to hold onto our holidays a little longer.

Homeschool (or not) questions or thoughts I had:

We choose not to have “to homeschool or not” thoughts.  Homeschooling is like a marriage for us.  It’s a commitment we made.  If things gets bumpy we can skip the “Should we continue homeschooling?” torments and move straight onto the “How shall we move forward? thoughts.   So we can totally skip this one.  Moving on…

Share our children’s thoughts about term one:

Not sure this will be really helpful.  I asked Ethan what his thoughts were about term one.  His response, “Huh?  What’s a term?”  Sorry he’s had no school experience.  I clarified the question for him, “What did you like about school so far this year?”  A puzzled look crossed his face, “Why do you want to know?”  Then he got distracted and started telling me about the novel he had just finished and his distress over finishing his last book and having to wait a few more weeks before his next book installment arrives.  Ah like mother like son.  Heheheeh.  I think something is working with this homeschooling thing.

Share a photo or quote or verse from this term that had significance or reflected our home for this term:

“Be kind and compassionate to one another forgiving each other just as in Christ God forgave you” – This was a memory verse we learned this term and it often pops into my head throughout the day.   Actually I have an empty photo frame on the kitchen bench that has been waiting for just the right verse and I think I just found it.


Term Two, in our house, starts next week.  Looking forward to it…while savouring those final holiday moments…


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2 responses to “Term One Thoughts and Review

  1. Missy

    May 3, 2011 at 8:48 am

    hehe, I answer the “Homeschool (or not) questions or thoughts I had” not with whether we will continue homeschooling, but as an opportunity to record any thoughts or questions I had about homeschooling, or about any other topic I was thinking about that vaguely related to education. That’s how I interpreted the “(not)” bit.

  2. Tracey

    May 3, 2011 at 8:54 am

    I had to read it a few times myself but came to the conclusion, since it’s a common thought amongst homeschoolers on bad days, that it must mean thoughts about stopping homeschooling. Ah but looking at it from your point of view I can see the other meaning now.


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