A Parcel Arrived

29 Apr

Earlier this year we exchanged details with a homechooing family in the U.S.

We put together an Aussie parcel of goodies for a families of little ladies

And today a parcel of treats arrived for my little men.

They were delighted!

IMG_1157 (Small)

There were oohs and ahhs over everything.

IMG_1160 (Small)

There were so many wonderful things gifted to us.

IMG_1161 (Small)

We delighted over them all.

IMG_1164 (Small)

One of my little men loves Star Wars so these stickers were a real hit!

IMG_1166 (Small)

And both of my little men love Lego so there were shrieks of glee when this sticker book was uncovered.

Our senders seemed to know us so well.

IMG_1167 (Small)

We loved our parcel.

IMG_1168 (Small)

Did you see the chocolate in there???  Thank you Kelly.

Sorry readers, I’m not sharing with you and please, use your sleeves and clean the drool off your monitors!

IMG_1171 (Small)

My Little Men would like to thank the Little Ladies who kindly send these U.S. goodies to us.

We felt very spoiled.

Thank you again Kelly and Little Ladies.

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Posted by on April 29, 2011 in Geography, Homeschooling Days


One response to “A Parcel Arrived

  1. Kelly

    April 30, 2011 at 6:11 am

    Yeah! you are so welcome. I am glad the chocolate did not melt. Enjoy!


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