First Day of the Term

03 May

The first day of the term is complete.  Phew.  It’s all downhill from here, right?

Here’s a little tour of what we accomplished.

The plan was a little light on as I figured it was best to aim low on the first day back to ease into it.


First subject – Bible, of course.

We read the next story in the Bible and a story from our “Scattering Sunshine” compilation of character building stories.

(Interesting tidbit – the story we read in the Bible was the story of Mary and Martha and moments later the postie delivered a new book, “Building a Homeschool One Room at a Time:  Teaching with Mary’s Philosophy and Using Martha’s Methodologies”.  I love when things like that happen.  Oh and no I don’t believe in coincidences.  Albert Einstein said it best, “Coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous.”  So true but He can’t fool me.

IMG_1556 (Small)

We reviewed our Bible verses and made sure they were well hidden in our hearts.

IMG_1570 (Small)

We also worked memorising the books of the Bible.  We added Job, Psalms and Proverbs to what we’ve memorised so far.

IMG_1558 (Small)

We started memorising the Ten Commandments.  We’re going to learn one at a time.  Today we started with “You shall have no other gods before me”.

We also reviewed our previously memorised prayer – The Lord’s Prayer.  It’s a bit rusty so we’ll have to brush up on that one over the next few weeks.

IMG_1569 (Small)

Over breakfast we reviewed our Latin vocabulary.  Yes all of it.  It doesn’t take as long as you might think.

IMG_1566 (Small)

We also added in some new vocab.

IMG_1567 (Small)

We’ve been memorising and reviewing the continents, oceans and significant lines for ages now so today I added in the terms longitude and latitude (which they knew) but the boys had to point out which direction each sort goes in.

IMG_1565 (Small)

We reviewed the countries of Europe that we already know and added in four new ones.  We’re more than half way there now!  Whoohoo.

IMG_1555 (Small)

We reviewed our recent syllabary lesson.  This is a bit of an experiment for us.  I’ll let you know more as we progress.  But so far I’m impressed!  The boys need to be able to read, identify and write each of these.

IMG_1564 (Small)

We also started memorising our first proper poem.   Each day we’ll say it several times.

IMG_1563 (Small)

Brayden did four pages of his Primary Phonics book.  This is his independent work.

IMG_1535 (Small)

Brayden also read two readers aloud to me.  Ethan will read also but he’ll read his novel to Daddy at bedtime.

IMG_1536 (Small)

Ethan did some spelling practise.  Ordinarily he does it orally but today I got him to write it for a change.

IMG_1533 (Small)

At the same time Brayden wrote some CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant) words for me.  Yes, he’s still writing letters back to front.  He does the same to the number 6.  I’m starting to wonder if his head is screwed on back to front.  Eventually it’ll fall into place.

IMG_1532 (Small)

Together we did a Rod and Staff grammar lesson orally on irregular plurals.  This led to a challenge to think of as many irregular plurals as they could.

IMG_1521 (Small)

Today we started a new handwriting idea (that we gleaned from our dear friend Susan).  The boys had to trace over their cursive with their finger several times.

IMG_1518 (Small)

Then they had to write it.  This was the first time Ethan has used normal blue lines.

IMG_1523 (Small)

Everyday we practise solving basic number fact orally.  Their recall is just about automatic now.

IMG_1561 (Small)

We’re also starting the same process with multiplication.  Both boys do this.  Brayden is very competent in Math so it’s easy to tag him onto what Ethan’s doing.  We’re doing four different sets at present and once they are getting pretty good we’ll add more.  This is just done orally over breakfast.

IMG_1562 (Small)

We also practised our skip counting patterns.  They know these really well now.  Time to move onto a new pattern.

IMG_1559 (Small)

We reviewed our months of the year poem.  We learned this last term but I just checked to make sure it hasn’t gone astray in their brain.  Phew.  It was still there.

IMG_1560 (Small)

By the pool the boys completed their dailies books.  They loved the new brief format.

IMG_1494 (Small)

Ethan didn’t do his division sums at the pool.  I had to teach him long division first.

IMG_1538 (Small)

I know most people start with short division but I wanted to tackle the bigger task first.  It’s not that much harder.  It’s just a matter of learning the process.  Ethan did five problems today – two totally independent – and he did just fine.

IMG_1530 (Small)

He did his word problem too.  It was an easy one.

IMG_1539 (Small)

Both boys did some division sums in new quad books.  I’m working on training their numbers into a more legible size and style.  Restricting them to boxes seemed to work!

IMG_1534 (Small)

We had our first swimming lesson for the term today.  Another reason why we kept our school day shorter than normal.

IMG_1510 (Small)

Over lunch we sat and watched the “Behind the News” episode we’d taped earlier in the day.

IMG_1543 (Small)

In the afternoon we started our new History novel.  We read four chapters before we managed to pull ourselves away.

IMG_1544 (Small)

And to finish off the day the boys completed the rainsticks they painted yesterday and then I had to listen to the rainsticks all afternoon.  Hmmm.

IMG_1548 (Small)

Today I’d also planned to get the boys to create something with their Brainbox kits but I decided that we’d had enough for our first day back.  Plus the boys were eager to get outside to play in the sandpit.  Since the weather wasn’t looking so good I suggested they go out early.  Lucky they went out when they did as it poured down with rain a little over an hour later.

So that was our first day back.

Not too shabby for a first day back.

Everyone survived.

Most things on the plan were completed.

And no one had a melt down.


Until tomorrow…

…when it starts all over again.

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