Little Grey Sticks

13 Jun

My Dad has collected thousands of these little grey plastic sticks.  They are a discarded element of some product he uses at work.

IMG_1950 (Small)

When presented with a massive box of these sticks I was thinking, “Oh boy, what’ll we do with these?!”.  However my boys’ eyes just lit up as they imagined the thousands of possibilities.

The most common use they have is for making roads.  The boys will play for hours….days…weeks  (if I can tolerate stepping over and around them for that long) with their roads and carparks.

IMG_1951 (Small)

What warms my heart the most is that they still love this kind of imaginative play.  Other 10 year olds might be off listening to the latest music on their ipods or skateboarding down to the park to hang out with their mates and talk about the girls they like at school.  But my 10 year old is home playing cars with his brother (his best mate), eager to show Mummy (his best girl) his great car track while probably listening to worship music in the background.

IMG_1949 (Small)

This homeschooling thing rocks!!

…even if it means living with these little sticks in every corner of your home.

I found some in my bed last night!!  Thanks Dad.

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Posted by on June 13, 2011 in Family Life


One response to “Little Grey Sticks

  1. Elsa

    June 13, 2011 at 7:01 pm

    Hey, my 12yr old would love those lol! I have to collect EVERYTHING here, and sometimes they make it into the craft box, and sometimes not. ( I have to be quick lol!) Looks like a lot of fun. You’ve trained your Dad well Tracey! 🙂


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