Our Science Morning

23 Jun

We only had part of a day for our “themed” day today but we went ahead anyway.

Today was Science Day…okay ‘morning’.

First we sat and…you guessed it…read!

We read “Introducing Electiricty” – a Young Scientist volume from the Childcraft range I think.  It’s an oldie but a goodie.  I’ve been meaning to read this title all term so I’m so glad we got to it today.  We sat and read the whole thing.

We stopped and started our reading to dash off and check out the voltage on batteries, the amperes on bulbs, the filaments in our light bulbs and to find the multimeter Grandad gave us so we could test the voltage and amps in different circuits.  Is it any wonder that it took us ages to read through this book?!

The book also led Ethan to create a table on the computer.  The table sorted our electrical appliances into ‘essential’, ‘useful’ or ‘not important’.  This kept him busy for ages while Brayden and I made up a “Solar Energy Kit”.

I pulled all of our electricity Science kits out of the cupboard and let Brayden select what interested him.  I was surprised that he selected this kit.  I thought some of the other kits looked more interesting.  I later discovered what the appeal of the kit was.  He thought it would be some sort of solar oven and he would be able to cook something.  This little man is always thinking of his stomach.  Heheh.

IMG_2347 (Small)

With some reading help Brayden was able to build most of this kit himself.

IMG_2351 (Small)

We set it out in the sun and waited for it to warm up.   But we couldn’t get it to do anything.  Perhaps it just wasn’t a hot enough day.  Maybe it would work better in summer.  Maybe it wasn’t the best location.  It’s suppose to heat up the base that contains water and water vapour is suppose to rise to the top weighing it down causing the top to tilt.   Ideally it’s suppose to tip up and down.  Hmmm…we’ll have to try it again and change some variables around.  Mid winter was probably not the best time to build it.  Oh well we’ve learned something.

IMG_2354 (Small)

Meanwhile Ethan chose to build something from our “Introducing Electricity” book – a set of traffic lights.

IMG_2349 (Small)

He set to work by himself, substituting materials where necessary.

IMG_2352 (Small)

After some wiring issues which he sorted out with some thorough checking, his traffic lights were ready.

IMG_2358 (Small)

Yes we know that red should be at the top.  That’s my fault actually.  I was asked to hold the wiring in place while he taped it all up.  I positioned it wrongly and we only realised once everything was in place.

IMG_2357 (Small)

The traffic lights have been the latest and greatest toy today.  I suspect it’ll be involved in quite a few different games over the next few days.

IMG_2363 (Small)

That’s all we achieved during our Science morning.  Today is grocery and errand day so I left our other Science kits out for the boys to build over the next few days if they choose.  Brayden has his eye on the electric generator kit.

Tomorrow will be doing our History Reading morning and then we’re off to the park again.  Can you believe it?  Socialising twice in the one week…yes twice.  Another glorious afternoon outdoors in the warmth of the sun.  Oh this homeschooling thing is tough isn’t it.  Hehehe.


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One response to “Our Science Morning

  1. Elsa

    June 24, 2011 at 8:32 am

    Thanks for sharing your theme days. Sound like a lot of fun (and educational)!
    I bought my son the following for solar a year or so ago. He’s loved building the different items and showing them off to anyone he can. And…they worked. you can see it here (hopefully the link works):
    Where do you get most of your science kits and can you recommend an electronics one? thanks!


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