“Divided” But We Don’t Have To Be Conquered

31 Jul

In my Church our family feels like a bit of an oddity…you know because homeschoolers need something more to set them apart from everyone else.  *Rolling eyes*  Heheeh.  You see our boys do not go out to the various children’s ministries that are available.  We are regularly approached by Church members who lovingly inform us about what we are missing out on and each time we delicately explain that we prefer to worship as a family.  But really there is so much more to our choice,  and my heart dearly wants parents to rush out and claim their children back from Sunday Schools – those Sunday Schools and Ministries that happen during the Church service AND those that happen at a separate time.  But how do I lay out what is in my heart so they will hear me?

And then today I stumbled across a movie that is currently online for free (don’t wait long in case it’s only temporary).  It’s called “Divided” and asks the question ‘Is Modern Youth Ministry Dividing or Multiplying the Church?’  The producers of the movie assert (and rightfully so) that Sunday Schools and Youth Ministries are unbiblical.  Their motivation is from the heart but their means for achieving it is misguided and in far too many cases unfruitful.  God set up the institution for educating and training children in the way they should go and set fathers as the head of that institution called the family.  When we try something different, it’s kind of like saying, “God, I think I’ve got a better way of doing this” and we all know how that story ends.

Here’s a little bite sized taste of the movie:

This is not the easiest message to share or hear as so many have been drawn into the practise.  The movie explains it better than I ever could so please take the time to view it.  The whole 54 minute movie is available for free at their website  I’ll definitely be purchasing a copy to rewatch and share.

The devil is after our children and he’s not having mine!



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2 responses to ““Divided” But We Don’t Have To Be Conquered

  1. Megan

    August 1, 2011 at 9:30 pm

    i have said it for years todays church doesnt train us parents anywhere near what it should. the church seems to preach on everything but parenting. dads are not taught nor shown by example how to trains up sons for a new generation.
    we keep our boys in church with us. we never really had a reasons except we felt that God wanted us to worship as a family, we couldnt really put it into words to others for f ear of offending their choices but this says it all beautifully. what a great find!

    please excuse.the terrible typing i am posting from my phone which seems to be totally unaware of capitals! either that or i cant find them 🙂

  2. Tracey

    August 1, 2011 at 9:42 pm

    I totally agree Megan.

    The topic is a touchy one though and people are bound to feel offended. I figure the movie is for those with ears to hear.


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