31 Days to Clean – I’m Participating

05 Aug

I’m joining Michelle from Homeschooling Downunder in the 31 Days to Clean challenge.  I’ve bought the book – what a bargain price $4.99US – and now I’m playing catch up.

There are both Mary and Martha challenges and I have to remind myself not to skip straight to the Martha projects as is my work nature.

Wanna join us?  Add your name to Michelle’s growing sidebar list.

IMG_2705 (Small)

Since I came to the challenge a few days late I played catch up today.  It doesn’t matter if you miss a day here and there or baulk at a challenge.  Anything we do is more than we might have done.

Day 1:

*Mary Challenge:

My specific reasons for wanting to make my home a haven:

– well to be a haven, of course

– to be able to share our haven with guests without having to dash around cleaning first

– no backlog of housework screaming at me, totally ruining my haven

– more time to enjoy my haven

I’ve even made a motivating plague for my fridge that reads, “Whatever you do, work at it with all of your heart, as working for the Lord and not for man.” Col 3:23

IMG_2698 (Small)

I so don’t like a messy fridge front but I am very partial to magnetic photos as you can see.  Okay that’s totally irrelevant.  Hehe.

IMG_2696 (Small)

*Martha Challenge:

I didn’t want to buy any supplies so whatever resources I’ll need have to come from what’s already in the house.  The last thing I need is more stuff to organise my stuff.  🙂

Day 2:

*Mary Challenge:

What can I do to bring life to my home today?  Well it’ll sound odd, but it was to stop cleaning and make paper airplanes with my boys.  (I should have taken a photo of my spiffy plane creations.  They were pretty impressive!  Hehehe).

*Martha Challenge:

Cleaning the fridge and freezer was an easy task for me.  Thursday is grocery day so I clean the fridge out every week on Thursdays before shopping.  Our garbage collection day is perfectly timed to be on Fridays so nothing icky stays in the bin for long.

I don’t want anything old or spoiled left in the fridge that could be accidentally eaten by someone so I’m always on top of this task.  However, my fridge was due for a nice wipe out.  The shelves  were done recently but the trays in the drawer were collecting a mish mash of crumbs and drips.  Did you know those things come right out?!  Well mine did.  I could take them to the sink and wash them properly.  Cool!  My freezer enjoyed a good wipe out too.  And I tipped out all of the old ice cubes and made fresh ones.

IMG_2700 (Small)

Day 3:

*Mary Challenge:

What makes my family feel most loved about my housekeeping?

Well I know this one without asking.  Hubby likes his clothes ironed and in the cupboard when he needs them and my little men like homemade goodies to eat.

*Martha Challenge:

Another easy peasy job!  Dust the top of the cabinets and fridge.  My fridge was done not long back.  That particular day I pulled out the fridge and did the floor under it too.  We found a hodge podge of missing items and plenty of icky sticky patches.  Urck!

Re-wiping over the top of the fridge was a breeze.  I don’t store anything up there.  Makes it easy to keep it clean.

Next, we had to wipe over the fronts of the cabinets and drawers.  Well I thought mine were clean until I got down clean to actually clean them.

IMG_2702 (Small)

My cabinets were hiding all sorts of drips and drops, especially on the underside of the overhanging bench and under the door edge themselves.  Urck!

IMG_2703 (Small)

I’m still two days behind but that’s okay.  This isn’t a race or a contest.  I’m just jumping in as the mood hits me.

Next on the list is cleaning the oven.  Hmmm, the mood might not hit me for a looooooooong time.  Really?  We’re supposed to clean inside of the oven.  Ooohh!  Sounds icky.  Any ideas for a non-toxic cleaner for the job?

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