31 Days to Clean – Day 4 and 5

06 Aug

Day 4:

Mary Challenge:

Well we’re suppose to invite a friend over to “put up their feet”…does the neighbour kid count?  Hope so, otherwise we’ll just have to wait for an opportunity.  Someone’s bound to turn up before long.  We always have people at our house.

Martha Challenge:

I started with the microwave as it’s easy to clean.  A quick swish and swipe and rinse the tray is all it needed.

IMG_2709 (Small)

Since I knew the mood to clean the oven would never hit me, I decided to just get it over with.  Surprisingly the inside of the oven wasn’t all that dirty.  We don’t cook a lot that splatters around and I always put things on trays to catch the drips.

IMG_2711 (Small)

The glass window was really grotty though and hard to clean even with a degreaser and plenty of elbow grease.  Then I remembered this little do-dad my Mum gave me for the stove top.  When she’d given it to me I’d just looked at it, said ‘Thanks’ and tossed it in the drawer.  There it had lived until today when I discovered that that little tool is wonderful for cleaning glass surfaces.  It doesn’t scratch but just glides over the glass easily removing the gunk that no amount of scrubbing was removing.  I don’t know what it’s called but everyone needs one!

IMG_2713 (Small)

The racks didn’t look too bad until I started cleaning them and realised they were disgusting.  My magic tool didn’t work all that well on them though.   I just had to scrub.  Fun, fun, fun!

IMG_2706 (Small)

Finally the outsides needed a little buff.  Whoever though of stainless steel appliances was mad!  Just saying.

IMG_2712 (Small)

Who knows what we’ll be having for tea tonight now that no one is allowed to use the oven.  Hehehe.


Day 5:

Mary Challenge:

My list of priorities:

1.  God

2. Hubby

3.  Children

4.  Homeschooling

5.  Home

6.  Personal study and learning

As for rating my attention to each area, I can definitely do better in all areas.

Martha Challenge:

On Day 5 we are supposed to wash our kitchen windows and curtains but I don’t have any.  Whoohoo!  Party time!  Okay so I didn’t kick back and put up my feet.  I scrubbed my kitchen sinks and spruced it all up nice ready for its photo.

IMG_2716 (Small)

The photo was to remind me of what it looks like when it’s clean because moments after I was finished cleaning, my family wanted lunch.  How rude!






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